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the most beautiful day of the life

granny woke us early this morning and she seemed very excited.
so we made very quick our morning gym and run outside.

and guess what: oh my goodness!
grandpa built us a house. LOOK AT THIS! just for tilly and me and pink pig and mia.

and granny sewed pillows and a couch and a blanket. just for us! (shoes off, please!)

tilly run into our room so we have our books in our house.

and i begin to explore the roof.
we have the most wonderful grandparents of the whole world...

we could invite them for the breakfast in our sweet home, isn't it, tilly?

5 commentaires:

  1. tes poupées sont toujours aussi adorable !

  2. Oh, how nice it is to be taken care, like the sun warming Tilly while she lays on the grass over the pink cushion. Or is she Heloise?

    1. hi pet, heloise is on the grass and tilly is inside of the house (for real she lives in tasmanie, that's why you just can see her on jenny's facebook page…)
      doesn't matter, i forgive you my son! and thanks for your comment. xxx