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soul mates- asta

it was on a sunday. or on a saturday? let me think about… well, it doesn't really matter but i'm pretty sure it was on a sunday. i was experiencing a lonely life in the woods, and used to start each day with an early morning walk… i was walking around, a bit lost in my reflexions, when i saw this tiny character, progressing fast for its size and mumbling things i couldn't hear. the perfect image of a busy little person. what a surprise! in my fatuity, i thought i was the only inhabitant of the place…

the morning after and the next days, i was very attentive and tried to see the little creature. but i was alone and finally almost believed it was the fruit of my imagination… 

when one day, i saw her — or was it a he? — by the river. i can't explain why i was so fascinated. wasn't it just a child? probably a family i didn't noticed before, living on another part of the woods… 

something amazing was emanating from her. actually, i couldn't help and was thinking of it as a she! fluid movements? tiny voice? or just because it reminded me so hard of the little girl we lost fifty years ago? she looked both so young and so wise, so happy and so serious…

the little creature was fishing. fishing? ha! that's what i first thought. i came closer on the tip of my toes, and yes, she was face to face with a fish. can you believe it? the fish was smiling and she was telling it a story!

can you imagine the scene? an old philosopher squatting in the grass and trying to spy a pixie! it was just ridiculous and i felt so relieved when she finally vanished in the glade.

i must confess i wasn't feeling very well during the next weeks. obviously, i considered pixies belonged to old wives tales, and i was torn between what i saw and what my reason was telling me. 

— do you know i have two soul mates, the now well-known little voice asked me by an early morning?
GASP! i almost had an heart-attack. i don't believe she noticed anything and continued "i never met them, but i'm sure they do exist somewhere. i have two soul mates and they can understand me like i can understand them."

i was drinking my first cup of tea and the last thing i was expecting was a chitchat about soul mates with a pixie! but i heard my voice asking "how do you know you have two soul mates? do you have some evidence of their existence or do you just feel you have soul mates?"

— well, my mind's made up by the way that i feel. and i feel it in my fingers, i feel it in my toes, she laugh! seriously, sir, i don't mind about proof nor evidence. if i feel i have two soul mates, it means they do exist for me and it doesn't matter if they don't exist for you or for the rest of the world! soul mates are very personal, you know sir…

and she left. at least, she was not embarrassed with old-fashioned conveniences…

hmmm, my breakfast was ruined and i'd need more than a morning walk to digest this little conversation…
what did she mean with soul mate? and why two? some modern times 3-D thing? my old life looked suddenly so heavy, so vain and lonely…

i secretly named her asta. she was both a tiny wooden goddess, innocence & knowledge, and filled with such an extraordinary vitality…

this day, i saw my funny little one first and didn't want to miss a little talk with her. 

— tell me everything about your soul mates, asta, i said.
— oh sir, there is nothing to say, they are part of me and i'm part of them. it's private! have you seen ernestito this morning? ernestito! my mosquito! did you see him?

i stumbled. a mosquito? didn't i kill a mosquito last night? i just couldn't remember. suddenly, i saw myself as a murder, an old impenitent mosquito killer, a dangerous ignorant, a barbarian. of course mosquitos had families and friends…

— ernestito is my friend. he is my best friend. i saw immediately you have no friends, sir, that's why you look so old and so sad,
she said. do you know he's an orphan, ernestito? his father left as he was a newborn baby and his mother died in a bloodshed. we don't need words, i trust him and he trust me! ERNESTITO!!! here you are, sweet mosquito…

oh goodness, i couldn't believe i'd ever be so glad and relieved to see a mosquito!

days after days, i've been watching for the slightest movement in the woods, but no asta and no ernestito… life looked so dark. months passed and i decided to come back in my birth town, like salmons. i never saw them again. asta, ernestito, did i dream you? oh well, i have no proof of your existence, but…

Asta is part of an old project we have been plotting all together with my friends and colleagues Juliane and Fabs. You can read Chouko's and Thora'stories at
all three will be available for sale on Tuesday 14th of November.

Chouko:http://bjorkasa.bigcartel.comThora: Asta:


i don't know for you, human parents, but in pixies world,

i don't know for you, human parents, but in pixies world, i can swear triplets are something! 
every morning it's the same routine:
— childreeeeeen, are you ready?
— yes mom. sure mom. yes mom.

no surprise, ready means no shoes, no hats, no coats. and sometimes no sweater!
after five minutes, i feel very lucky when i see a hat on a head. obviously, sometimes it's the wrong hat on the wrong head. 

(please ilse-louise, put this hat on karl-eric's head. it's his gift from auntie agaric!)
alright, come one girls! 

five minutes later, i have three hats on three heads and i feel like a wonder mom!coats now! i don't know in human world, but sleeves get mysteriously obstructed during the night. (mommyyy, i'm stuck and my sleeve is blocked.) it's something you can't understand if you're over three. because those sleeves are back to a good behavior as soon i slip my hand in. this really happens against young persons!

oh yay! finally they have coats. and hats, and boots. i'm the queen of the world!

but what's the matter?
— mommy, mommy, liselotte yells, ilse-louise has something in her back and she don't want us to see it!
— nope, it's a secret. and a secret can't be a secret if i share it.
— show me!
— nope!
— karl-eric, catch her feet…
— i get her.

— so, what is it?
— oh nooo! what the hell? mommy, i waaaaant the saaame!
— the same what, my heart?
— i can't tell you mom, it's a secret! but i waaaant it!

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excited? oh, maybe a little! obviously, two little girls off for a whole week end in the countryside with no dads and no moms, you can imagine! well, of course they won't be completely alone, but with grand-parents, it's not the same… you are not obliged to eat spinach for example as long you say thank you and please at least once a sentence. and you can have butter AND jam on the same toast! 
— did i tell you where grandfather and grandmother live? Geneviève asks. in a very old manor with spiders and rats and holes in the floors…
— pah! Veronique says, not afraid of spiders nor rats.

— and the wind blows through the windows and bats live in the bedrooms…
— no afraid of bats neither! they eat moths and mosquitos…

— and once we even saw a dragon. or a dino, i don't remember i was very young…

— and… promise you won't repeat? we have a ghost! you don't tell to anybody, right?
a long long time ago, like thousand years ago, a man has been eaten up by a wolf in the basement. or a tiger, we don't exactly know. it's was on a cold winter. and the man was probably a hobo. or a thief. or just a curious guy. whatever, the monster ate him and we just found a few chewed bones…
obviously, nobody buried the poor man, and now he's desperately in search of his old body. you don't repeat, right? that man is A GHOST now!!! and he lives in my grandparents house! well, when i say 'lives'…

— but, Veronique asks, how do you know the ghost is not a woman?

after a long road trip, they finally arrive.
no ghost but 
tea, brioches and macaroons. 

no wolf but some sheep in a meadow.
no bats but maybe veronique's glasses are a bit dirty…

— i keep my socks tonight, Genevieve says, i don't want the ghost could tickle my feet.
— i keep my shoes, Veronique says, just to avoid to hurt my feet if i have to kick his ass…

— good night girls. don't turn the light off too late. have sweet dreams. don't let the bugs bed bite…

— are you sleeping?
— 'f course i'm not! we could have a sleepless night, it'd be funny…
— great idea. this way we won't miss the ghost!

— wake up, Genevieve yells the morning after! you fell asleep. have you seen the ghost?
— no ghost last night, i swear! just a skeleton chattering teeth. it was im-pres-sive!
and yes, maybe i slept for one minute or less, Veronique says, but YOU slept all the night. 

— 'morning grandfather, Genevieve says. did you know we have a teeth chattering skeleton now? We heard it all long night.

— a skeleton? hahahaha, grandfather laughs. why not a ghost? hahahaha! don't repeat it, it was grandmother's snoring… 

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wedding day

— oh my goodness paule-andrée, i LOVE your new hair.
— can you believe i cut it by myself? alone in my room. my mother doesn't like, you know her…
— maybe you should be a hairdresser when you'll grow up… but really, it's your first wedding, paule-andrée? wait for the cakes, hehe…
— let's go or we'll be late…

— oh yoko, do you remember the first wedding? when we cut the bride's dress, cousin leocadie and I? we had sooo much fun…
— hahaha, and tiffany tried to kiss cousin beau…
— i hate my dress, paule-andrée says, itchy and scratchy. i hate all dresses, but this one is the worst… maybe you could cut it…


— oh girls, wait a minute, it's my neighbor, he calls us.
— hello ladies, look at my lolita, she had newborn babies this morning.

chicks? newborn chicks? honestly, who could resist? 

— i want them all, paule-andrée says. look at those chicks. peeeeeep peeeeeeep peeeeeeep.

well, the babies are too young and need their mother. and the girls have to go to the wedding, or they'll be late and their mothers will be angry… you know how it works…

ohoh, we have a situation! the cute babies pooped on the silky dress… (i'm sorry to tell, but isaure and yoko have been laughing their ass off… well, they just couldn't help…)

— don't move, isaure says, i see a bucket a rain there, i'll clean you up and we won't tell nobody…

unfortunately, the water was not so clean and whatever, very wet.
— oh no, paule-andrée says, my poor ugly silky dress is totally ruined. you know what? i'd rather run and wear something else, my mother forbids wet clothes.
— don't worry, they won't notice anything, look at them, babbling like littles girls about the bride…

guess what? paule-andrée feels really better like that, everybody was just in time for the wedding, and the mothers haven't yet noticed anything weird…

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saint nicholas and santa klaus

you know Haydee, the happy girl? she knows what she wants, and today she decided to walk to home (obviously, her sister plans a tea with the queen of england and it sounds exciting)…
no, no, no plane, no train, walking is good for my calf, she says…

what a silence, haydee says… too bad i don't have some pal to travel with. it'd be funnier…

she just thinking about some pals that a little red guy arrived carrying an empty basket and walking fast like if a wolf was following him…

sure, haydee couldn't miss the opportunity… and ROAR, she jumps on the poor little boy pretending she's the big bad wolf!

— WTH? someone shouts very loudly, are you crazy? why did you attack this poor boy? he almost had a heart attack…

as you know, Haydee is not a bad egg, just a rascal and she feels very sorry for the little boy…

— i'm sorry, she says, i thought it was just funny since you look like little red riding hood with your basket and your red hat. are you going to your grandma?

— that's fine, the poor victim says, i'm back from my grand father's. it's Saint Nicholas tomorrow and he has a cold. so i brought him cookies, honey and whisky…

— wai-wai-wait a minute… your grandpa is saint nicholas and you brought him whisky and cigarettes? really?
please, don't tell him i attacked you,
it was just for fun…

— ahem, the other boy said, my grandpa also likes whisky and cigarettes, what's the problem? 
all i can say is you're in trouble young lady. because my grandfather is Santa Klaus and i'm gonna join his team in north pole.

oh no! haydee is really annoyed. honestly, she has been naughty several times this year… she doesn't like to admit it, but it's just the truth. on other hand, life is short and been naughty is so funny…
— what will you do, she asks?

let's think about, Nikkulaat says. keep quiet for the moment and let's talk…, come on Niklaas, and let's see what will decide for this haydee…

and both worked worked worked…

building a nativity scene…

decorating a christmas tree…

and a very long moment later, they finally called the scared little girl…
— Haydee, haydee you can come back.

both give her a kiss and shout in her ears "happy saint Nicholas, we forgive you, let's have fun with us and dance around the tree".

believe me, Haydee swears she'll never never ever be naughty in december…

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what kind of dolly mama are you? (blue eyes and freckles or… blue eyes and freckles?)

you know what it is… sometimes, it's so hard to make a choice. "which doll should i adopt?" "will she be happy with me?" etc.
you need some help? take the quiz!

1- you see a red door, you

 want it painted black
Ø add some purple and turquoise flowers
 take a pic and post it immediately on IG
π are a bit confuse, that red is so… unusual 
Ω ring the bell and run away

2- today's lunch
Ω nothing special, a regular meal at home

π just like every thursdays, at the church circle with Lizzie and Betty.
∆ it was the "104's" grand opening lunch 
Ø we had a picnic with other parents of unschooled kids by the river
 just a quick broccoli pie and buffalo cheese on my way from yoga to knitting class

3- your favorite pair of shoes
π old-fashion black laced up boots, you know those with bobin heels
 F.R.W.L vernis by Louboutin. it's never tacky.
Ø chrome-free vegan shoes, handmade next door in a local business. the benefits go to APNAFA (Association for the Protection of North American Flying Angels)
 do you mean my actual favorite or my favorite-favorite?
Ω shoes made for walking

4- which literary heroine could be you?
π Elizabeth Bennet
 Becky Bloomwood
Ω Ramona Quimby
 Hermione Granger
Ø Galadriel

5- which animal could you be?
 a baby fox
 a beaver
Ø a hawk
π a bear
Ω a wolf

6- all you need is 
Ω a cuppa joe
π love
Ø freedom
a suitcase and a trunk

7- yellow is the color of 
Ω happiness
Ø your true love's teeth (in the morning)
 the famous house painted by van gogh
 my eames's DAW armchair
π your true love's hair (when you rise)

8- what courses do you plan to cook for next saturday with you guests?

Ω pumpkin soup, doe stew with red wine sauce and potatoes 
∫ quinoa salad, avocaddo, goat cheese, tofu and cranberries
Ø quinoa salad, fennel, goat cheese and mushrooms
π quenelles of pike in a crab sauce and young vegetables from the farmer market, roast veal and carrots
vol-au-vent with crayfish and lettuce, pot-au-feu and saint-honoré…

Drum Roll!!!! it's time to make accounting!

you have a majority of 
Ω: Ernest type

you enjoy living in the country and nothing can beat simple pleasures. baking an apple pie with friends, knitting a pair of socks near the fireplace, running after hens just to make them cackle… 

you have a majority of ∆: Brune type

you're a city mama. well, by city i mean Paris or Manhattan, obviously. 
both preppie, classical and ironic, you grew up between an art gallery and a book store and you know exactly what to do in any circumstance. no surprise the whole world is jealous!

you have a majority of π: Leopoldine type

you're a romanesque mama. you feel you could live a quiet life in a british manor, surrounded by beauty and maids. you could easily spend your days playing the piano, painting or talking to your dressmaker. just don't forget a detail: women belonged to fathers, brothers and husbands, in this time…

you have a majority of Ø: Prairie type

you're a hippie mama. you know the world goes wrong but you know it's temporary, you're such an old soul. you believe in men, you believe in nature, you believe in peace, you believe in extraterrestrial power, you believe the times they are a-changin' and sometimes you need to imagine there's no country, (it's easy if you try)

you have a majority of ∫: Marcelline type

the bobo mama. bobo? bourgeois-bohème! trendy and creative, you need a comfortable but adventurous life. you love vintage and you take inspiration in the 50's and 60's. you're very concerned by environmental issues and you're proud to help by recycling all those adorable acrylic sweaters you found in grandpa's garage and turning them into very original carpets.

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Prairie, Marcelline, Ernest and Leopoldine are sitting in my hyenacard store (and believe me, they don't really like to stay quiet on a seat!)