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you know how it works… a week or so after september equinox, your little one coughs. once, two times, three times. 
oh nope, she gets a cold, you think looking at your poor doll's fevered eyes.

obviously, the emergency is to make her drink warm lemon juice and honey ("more honey please, mom, i don't like lemon")

of course she needs a shawl, something light and cozy to keep warm her precious little neck! you know you have the perfect skein but where? you madly search in your yarn basket and finally yes, you find it!

now the pattern. K2tog, here, a YO or two there. and a SSK. i love SSKs, don't ask why…  ("hello SSKs my old friends, I've come to talk with you again…")

alright, your little sick one has a shawl. but what's about her brother? let's go for a scarf. "something boyish, he says, but not too much. and also with pink. but not too much". it means stripes and lace, i guess. 

pfew! your little loves are now both safe and cozy. but what's the heck in your throat? something stuck? a FROG?
oh my oh my, i need a shawl too! this is an emergency…and let's go for a YO here, some SSKs there and the inevitable K2tog…

the pattern of shawls and scarf is in my ravelry store.
shawl comes in two sizes: doll and parents!


welcoming fall with a free pattern

several moms of dolls asked me for a very easy hat. you know the problem with huge families: you can't knit for one and not for the others, but on other hand, days have just 24 hours and you also must sleep!

here is the kind of project you can made for boys or for girls, solid or striped, with or without pom pom. short, the easiest hat of the world but less boring than a stockinette one!

please welcome Gabriel the fall beanie, named this way because my sweet little model!


gabriel in the meadow

Once upon a time there was a darling little boy living on the other side of the meadows.

— oh yes i can walk to school by myself, the dear little boy said, i'll be very wise and careful… 

after all, school is so close from here. you cross the meadow and it's there, on the left.

and gabriel leaves. he's very careful as promised, because there are so many weird things outside, you have no ideas.

— come with me Gabriel, the wind says, i blow to the west and we'll fly to the sea.
you'll see marvels, puffins and mermaids, adventures begins there.

— don't listen to the wind, the old tree moans, stay where you are and look around. why would you leave?
listen to the finch, smell the clematis
and lay on the grass…

— but i'm supposed to go to school, gabriel says, and that's a funny thing, i never saw this bridge and the school vanished… 

— what a stupid boy! don't tell me you are about to miss all those lives in this parent tree just because you are supposed to go to school and repeat with some others that two by two equals four? 

and by the way, my name is written here, my mother embroidered it on my sleeve, just in case…
it's the use among elves!

if you want to see marvels, don't let the wind joggle you, don't listen to that old nerdy tree, but come visit my people in the most wonderful land ever…


first day of school

sad face on the right, anxious face on the left… just a regular first day of school. 

shhh, the director is talking.
"Class 1 with miss Fiadelliss. when you hear you name, you come under the blackboard, children! silence now!"

but don't think everybody is impressed! two of them at least seem up for no good…

— hey Celeste, guess what? Soraya says. miss Fiadelliss is so old that she was my mommy's teacher and she was already old! she yells, she becomes red and green, she roars my mommy says, but she's not scary at all!   

— do you know what my brother gave me for my birthday? a wonderful fake dog poop! i swear, it looks exactly like a real one!

— wow wow wow! we could put it on her chair, imagine her face

— oh yes it will be so funny!

— i have a best idea, first the fake one and the next day, we'll put a real poop on the chair, and she'll think it's the fake and will take it with her hands…

and they almost roll on the floor!

hmmmm, everybody is watching now those two young rascals giggling like crazy under the blackboard.

— may i know what's so funny, the director asks? i'm glad to see you feel very comfortable, but i said silence. your names, young ladies?

ahem, the director looks really mad.

— hmmm, yoko, Celeste says.

— and i'm yoko too, soraya declares with a less big smile…

well, i won't show you the next images because it could offend the sensibility of young or hippie persons…

you just have to know Celeste and Soraya are so happy of their first day of school that they can't wait to go back school tomorrow!


#9 the best day of my life


don't travel too far, my granny says, yoko and her parents are visiting us today!
my friend yoko is the most lucky girl ever. her mom is a doll maker and she has all the dolls she wants! and her dad makes her all the wooden toys she needs. and she has no twins around! oh my, i would like so much to have her parents. mine are writers and i must keep quiet when they work. well, mom is a writer and dad draws the images of the books. 

yoko is a traveller and we could compare our experiences but she also is very curious to know everything about merovee.
then merovee arrived and she told me in my ear i was a very lucky gal!

 — i have an idea, she says, it's a perfect day to get married! i can be the celebrant!

et voilà, we are just married! yoko asked the questions and we both answered yes! finally, it's not complicated at all.

then we played hide and seek and it was time to leave for honeymoon.

— grandmother, grandfather, we are just married and we are leaving on honeymoon, i yelled the most loud i could.

— perfect timing, grandfather says, because tomorrow, three monkeys will visit us, you see who i mean…


#8 long is the road

have you ever been in love? my grandmother says i'm in love because i want to spend the rest of my live with my prince charming. and i think of him all the time. 
and this morning, i almost forget to eat my breakfast.

she told me it happened the same thing when she met my grandfather. 

by the way, my charming prince has a king name. merovee was a very famous one!
oh gosh, i would like so much to be a queen. i'd be pretty good i guess.
of course we have to train so we decide to travel because a queen and a king have to visit other kings and queens. happily i have a bike, we go faster!

on monday, we biked to the north pole! it's very cold there, and i wore a hat and a coat. we had to visit santa claus because merovee would like to get his own bike for christmas.

on tuesday, we made a trip to england. the grass was very green but we didn't meet the queen, she was on vacation!

the day after, we arrived in Tasmania and visited my aunt Jenny who is the first lady of the land. she baked cupcakes, apple pies and we also ate pancakes with marmalade. and of course, she read us stories.

i don't remember the country we visited on thursday, but there was a dark forest filled with wolves, tigers and bears.  well, i'm a good biker and we escaped all the dangers but merovee couldn't seat in the trailer because snakes tried to bite his feet. the king looked fierce and we didn't stop because he looked at the candies we brought from tasmania!

then we arrived in eire. they have no queen and no king but very funny drinks. some bubble and twinkle the nose. and after you feel very hot and all you can do is  searching four-leaves clovers. whatever, it was good to rest after such a long trip around the world and we had a happy friday!

and saturday? hehe, guess what we'll do on saturday…


#7 short and stout

oh my goodness! i saw the ogre living on the other side of the hedge and my heart stopped. i really had to be sure.
— grandfather grandfather, come silently and tell me if it's a dangerous ogre, i yelled.
and do you know what my grandfather said? the handsome boy is not an ogre but a prince charming waiting for his short and stout princess!
it changes everything!!! because you know what? I AM SHORT AND STOUT!
do you want a proof?

hehe! i'm in an excellent mood. and when i'm in an excellent mood, i love to sing the teapot song and beat the ground with the old clogs.
i make 'clang clang clong boomboom' and it makes me the happiest girl of the universe.

i use to run and say "catch me if you want some tea" and my grandfather who runs fast catches me and says "yumyum a big cup of tea" and it makes me giggles. 

— who wants a large cup of tea, i yelled the most loud i could, and i sang again the teapot song.

oh my god, oh my god, look at who is arriving… 

(to be continued)


#6 merovee

i never know what to do since we changed of house. mom and dad say it's the most perfect house ever, but everything goes wrong here. 
all my stuffs are stuck in boxes, the playroom smells paint and i have the yellow bedroom because they say the pink one will be a nursery for the new baby. i wonder which new baby they were talking of…

so i talk to the gravel near the porch. each stone has its name and its very own place. i take care of them but they don't take care of me. and that's very sad!

and the garden is scary! a monster or something moans and groans around and i'm afraid for my life.

mom and dad say the monster is short and stout and i should try to make friend with him. i'm sure they try to get rid of me and keep the yellow room for the new baby, who knows…

the best thing to do is to climb the old tree and wait… wait…

but suddenly, i saw a girl over the hedge. oh my goodness, such a beautiful girl! almost an angel with her pure voice! she was singing with her whole heart and dancing with her country clogs, and had no clue about the monster.

i couldn't let her in danger and yelled "hey you, be careful, i heard a monster in your garden this morning…"

(to be continued)


#5 the proper equipment

who can be singing so close of the house? i don't like that. maybe a thief? but usually thieves are very discreet. or maybe a smart thief looking cool and irreproachable? the most dangerous kind… or an ogre? 

everybody knows ogres love to eat chubby children.  i think i'm skinny, but just in case i'd be chubby, i'd rather wear my cherry dress!

advantage #1: ogres don't eat fruits!
advantage #2: a good spy must be invisible! and since the best place to spy is the cherry tree, the best way to be invisible in a cherry tree is 
to look like a cherry! i'm sure nobody can see me now!

what is that? i can't see very well, but what do you think? an ogre? a robber?

(to be continued)


#4 the magical dress

i am not usually a morning person, but when i opened the eyes and remembered i was at my grandparents's home, i woke up like a spitfire and jumped into my tartan dress!— good morning grandfather, good morning grandmother, i yelled (this way they can hear me even if they are chatting together!), it smells tea, fresh brioches and marmalade!

HOHO, grandfather said, you took your magical dress!
that's why i slept like a log last night!

i'm so glad my dress still works despite mommy washed it! it's my ghosthunter dress!
it looks unbelievable, but each time i have my dress, even if i just carry it in my suitcase, all the ghosts of the house leave. Pffff, they are so scared they move somewhere else!

— come on grandfather, let's check in the attic.

wait a minute, young lady, granny louise says, you must wear your hap, it's cold upstairs. and be careful it's dusty.

that's funny because my grandmother always say this about the attic, but she never cleans the dust. maybe ghosts like dust, after all…

me and grandfather, we searched everywhere, actually no ghost at all! even not a tiny one. even the fierce dinosaure keeps quiet in his cage when he sees me! my dress is really so magical! 

— show me your hands, grandfather said, ok, that's fine! some chocolate for my ghosthunter? and he pull of his pocket two bars of my favorite chocolate! 

hehe, do you know why i'm giggling? because i'm thinking of the twins and i'm sure they'd be jealous of me!

— shhhhh, listen to that song outside, grandpa said. i wonder who it is…

(to be continued)