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Concerto delle Donne

Do you remember the first
 Concerto delle Donne, Alfonso duke of Ferrara, 16th century? or maybe you are too young?

Short, the original 
Concerto delle Donne was the first Girls Band.
Obviously, 'cause the times they are a-changin', they are six now (everything increases, right?) and a little younger (kids are definitely not kids anymore).

But the spirit is the same, and they sing. They love singing. Oh, rationally they should have modernized their repertoire — truth is they all dream to drop Luzzaschi and ask Harry Styles to write them songs, but Miz Professor is firm on it!

Tonight it's the Premiere, with a retransmission on WLDsDollRadio, critics, journalists, impresarios, etc.

The girls are very calm. They had a long relaxing time after rehearsal and they feel absolutely ready. Nothing wrong can happen. 

It's such a beautiful concert. Six crystalline voices together, one could hear an angelic choir. Parents, journalists, critics, all are transported.
Obviously, consider this as a tribute, Ira and Ari want to feel closer from all this beauty. And they crawl to the stage.

Oh, it's fine, they just sit and listen. What a pair of sweethearts!

Then, everything happens so fast. Cosima is in the middle of her second solo, and Ari, mesmerized, grabs her leg to stand up. Ira grabs the other leg, but unfortunately, both fall down at the same time, and Cosima's pants too.

Hannah is the first to see. She can't help but gasps loudly.
Oh noooo!, Sweet Ethel said, panicked, while Althea, despite all of her kindness, bursts out laughing. Immediately followed by Victoria and Cordelia, so grateful to their twin brothers for the fun.
And Cosima? Cosima she hasn't noticed anything, and she keeps singing from the top of her lungs. Nothing couldn't stop her.

It was truly a great concert. See the long file of fans waiting now for an autograph? The most hooked even wear red shirts. Or just gingham shirts like this young shy supporter…

By the way, speaking of gingham, you can now contact our roadie Ida and buy the Official Shirt, the one and only Concerto delle Donne shirt.

Ooops, Ida looks furious, what's the matter, Ida? Oh no, do they really ask for the pants of the concert? People are so rude…

Ari, Ethel and Cosima will pop in my store on Tuesday March 7 at 10AM EDT.


Alphabet dolls

Back to my old time, here are four simple dolls. Well, actually not so simple, you know me.

They look like Waldorf dolls, but they are far more sophisticatedhead & limbs are needle felted, bodies are rolled. They have a nose so they can smell, they have ears so you can bite them and they have a not so neutral expressive mouth. Short, they are not Waldorf dolls, they are Winterludes dolls.

According to some of my easy rules, the first one starts with an A, and the last one will have a Z. For today, let's go with A to D.

My Alphabet dolls stand 12" tall. They are made with DWE fabric and organic carded wool from Götland sheep. Hair is goat for Aubeline and Brunelle, suri Alpaca for Clodoald, Mohair yarn for Daphna.

All wear embroidered linen garments, except Aubeline who started lately a huge allergy to embroideries. They also have socks and shawl handknit by me with alpaca yarn.
What else? They need loving parents.





All of them cost 480€ + shipping fees, except A. who is 450€ due to allergies… If you want to adopt one or more of these cuties, send me a message* including the name of the doll (or dolls, you can try for all of them) you want to bring home, and your Paypal address.

I'll pick a name on Tuesday October 19th around noon or 1:00pm (Paris zone).

Payment is due on Tuesday for the persons who will receive an invoice.
Thank you!
*here, via Messenger or via Instagram or any other way you know.

these dolls are not suitable for young or naughty persons.


Tallulah. A girl who understands the cosmos so well. I totally trust this one. Probably because I'm not behind her all the time, she's a very responsible person, despite her young age. Every morning at dawn she climbs in the meditation tree, then makes plans for her day. And eats breakfast ("Winterrrrrr, is this parisian croissants day today?") She comes and goes, she has her life and let me read. Bliss.
Tallulah uses to wander according to her mood, and I wouldn't want to restrain her existence by asking questions. Kids need to be trusted. Oh, she's not so very private and uses to tell me a lot about her days. Yesterday, she took me to her worms stash and seemed very excited: "Look at these juicy ones, ready for a salad. Let me cook tonight." A very few persons have so thoughtful little ones.
The day I saw her with a pair of scissors and the brand new baby blanket, a brief reflex from my past bourgeoise life made me open my mouth, but happily remembered my new pattern and immediately had the intuition she was acting right. — Oh Winter, look at what I did: I used the theorem you taught me and cut the blanket in two very equal parts, I can be proud of me. This is the moment she began to talk about her new friend Sage. Sage and her baby brother. Tallulah was so eager to have a baby brother. Well, you can't always get what you want, right? Zephyr-Boreas was his name.
— Are there new kids next door? (I asked in spite of myself) Oh please Winter, don't be stupid! Sage and Zephyr-Boreas are experiencing the wide word. The wild world as well. They travel by train, hidden inside the coke stock. Do you know Sage already knocked out a giant bear? Or maybe almost knocked him out. Whatever, it was a giant bear. At least a very big one. I think it was a bear… And Zephyr-Boreas, he was smiling on the other day, and guess what? A tooth popped up! Just like that. a very white tooth. Sage and Zephyr-Boreas are soooo lucky, their parents let them do what they need. I wish I could travel as well and discover the world. There is so much to learn, so much beauty I even can't imagine. Alas, ALAS, I'm stuck here in such an old fashioned family
Then I met the siblings. So polite children. So hungry as well. And finally, I offered them to have a bath. And washed their clothes. And mended the garments. And knitted new socks. And called their parents… So happy to hear from their babies. Bygone bears, bygone trains, bygone frozen nights among wolves and coyotes… sleep tight little ones, have sweet dreams…
Tallulah is available in my store. If you don't have an Indiecart account and want to adopt her, send me a message.
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a very happy birthday (except for the others)

Today is the day and it's finally Rainette's birthday! She insisted to get all her friends here for the celebration (such a social life for a toddler, this is just amazing!) and I guess you know what this means… Garlands, balloons, cakes, 1001 ways to keep them occupied. Short, HELL, at least for me…
You know little ones, they seem bashful for about five minutes at their best, then they let themselves having a (noisy) blast. Oh quiet and shy little ones do exist. Toinette for example. She is a social girl, but she really needs time before entering the collective sillyness. And when she does, she never forgets who she is. I'm so grateful for this, Toinette!
Short, it was really a happy afternoon. Everybody was having fun.
And suddenly, it was cakes o'clock. — Childreeeen, mommy calls, wash your hands, cakes are coming. But where is Miette? Have you seen Miette? A little one is missing…
Scarlette, have you seen Miette? Scarlette is too busy, she has not seen Miette, alas.
Toinette is quietly caring the babies, Miette is missing? she had no idea. A monster ate her maybe?
— Bluette sweetie, you can't leave alone to bring back Miette. No no, even if you can fight the monster, oh I believe you, but you have to stay here. we don't need another missing girl!
— Aliette, have you seen… NOOOO! Oh no! don't walk in you pee! Help someone, we have a situation…
— I found her!, she's here! Beckett shouts, I found Miette, no monster at home.
— Darn it! she ate the cakes! A birthday with no cake, this is absurd, Becket says…

Scarlette, Bluette and Toinette are available comment style here, or via any PM. tell me the name of your fav, and your PP address. If several persons want to adopt them, I'll pick a name on TUESDAY september 8th.

Scarlette, 11", sculpted, laib yal fabric, goat hair, wearing Liberty fabrics dress and handknit shoes: 530€
Toinette, 11", sculpted, DWE fabric, goat hair, wearing Liberty fabrics dress and handknit shoes: 530€
Bluette, 11", sculpted, Laib Yala fabric, goat hair, wearing Liberty fabrics dress plus handknit bonnet, scarf and shoes: 550€ 

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the hot tramp and the dollmaker

— BOO!
Elle is so focused on her fishing rod that she didn't see that little girl watching over her shoulder. Nor heard. She frowns and puts a finger on her mouth, angry. SHHHH! Fishing requests silence and concentration, everybody knows it. Well, apparently not everybody, this young person needs education!

But Else continues her happy babbling, asking billions questions and waving like an uncontrollable puppet. 

"Keep calm, Elle silently says to herself, keep calm and breath". She puts her fishing rod aside and watch attentively the intruder. Blond girl, my age, eating a sandwich. Prattling. prattling AND eating at the same time… 

— If you don't mind, Elle says very politely, I absolutely need to catch an extra fish for dinner, thus you can stay but please, stop talking. and stop moving.

Oh, Elle is not at all the grumpy type, but she hates being disturbed. Most exactly, she doesn't use to be. Her dad is the most respectful person ever, and talking is not an attitude but a way for sharing some thoughts. Or at least what matters.

Else is just the opposite. She comments everything she sees, asks tons of questions without waiting for answers, touches all things that are there and doesn't seem to care if it bothers or not. 

— That's so funny, Else says, you really reminds me of somebody.
"Hmmm, how could I know the person I'm reminding of her, thinks Elle, why does she even SAY it? What can I do for her?" And she drops her line in the water again, praying for catching fastly a fish.

Happily, a sandwich has an end, and Else runs to her mother for the apple pie. 

Alas for Elle she's back in the blink of an eye.
Whispering. "Come with me, shhh, there is a man with my mom. A tramp or something. Stealing my pie. and talking…"

As discreetly as possible, our two blond girls start crawling to a perfect spying spot.

— You idiot, it's not a tramp it's my dad. And I'm sure he never stole your pie but your mother offered a slice! I just don't understand why he's talking to your mother, talking to strangers is dangerous.

They stay watching for a long while. Silently. Intrigued. Captivated. 

While the adults are still talking and talking, and even laughing. and finishing the first pie.

"EEEElse!!! EEEElle!!!" they are now shouting…

— I guess you're Else, my name is Elle. Do we go? I must pack my fishing stuff first, would you help me, please?

— Goodness gracious! the mother says, they look so much alike, this is absolutely stunning! My name is Margaret, she continues to Elle. And here is Thomas, she says to her daughter.

Elle feels so sorry to bring only one fish, and gives it to her dad. "I'm not hungry at all, you know."
— What a sweetheart, Margaret exclaims! Maybe you'd be hungry enough for a slice of pie? or for some brownie? or maybe just a piece of cheese?

— We have a long story to tell you, Margaret and Thomas says, taking the little girls on their knees…

It seems that something is becoming serious… The air is very clear, voices sound solemn… Elle is shaking a little.

"Once upon a time, pretty far from here, lived a duke and a duchess. They were young, handsome, wealthy and loved each other so deeply. After years wishing for a baby, the couple finally expected an heir.
Sadly, the duchess died while giving birth. Mad with pain, the duke put his offspring in the trash bin, dismissed his employees, lighted a fire and perished in his burning castle.

"I was both gardener and driver for the duke, Thomas continues. As I left the place with my stuff, I heard a baby crying in the trash bin. I thought first of a kitty, but this was you, Elle. I packed you in my jacket, named you Elizabeth like your late mother and took you on the road with me. You know the rest…"

"I know it was getting dark and this is probably why you missed her sister, Margaret adds, and nobody guessed there were two babies, nobody had any idea… . That's how, a few minutes later, as I was leaving the place, I heard someone crying in the trash bin. Oh my god, you were so tiny, my Else, naked among carrots peelings and yoghurt pots, scared and cold. I named you Elspeth, as a remind of your late mother, and took you with me, snuggled up close to my chest. Well, I told people I was a widow and you an orphan, and finally we left for the west side of the country, where I create now sweet dolls… 

— I knew you were reminding me of someone, Else shouts. Twins, we are twins!!!

— Thus, Elle says, does it mean this pie is safe and I could eat some, please dad?

Everybody laugh and the grown-ups laugh the loudest. 

Margaret becomes suddenly a bit shy: "We rent a cottage for summer, maybe you would like to join us for a while… Whatever, the girls need to know more about each other, obviously…

Thomas looks at his daughter, blushing "I know we both are wanderers, Elle, I know you love our freedom, early mornings walks and late campfires, but what would you say of some quiet time? We all are kind of family now…"

Elle doesn't show a lot, but she feels really excited. It's not everyday you find out you have a twin. And her dad's blushing? now this is really impressive and she absolutely needs to understand what's happening. Even if is not a big fan of closed rooms, doors or roofs, she has the intuition it's worth the sacrifice…

Elle the pretty wanderer stands 17". She's made with organic fabric and filled with Götland wool, according to my 2012 body pattern. Her face is embroidered, her hair is Alpaca locks hand wefted and sewn on a mohair crocheted cap. Her dad does his best and she wears beautifully mended garments. Well, her sweater gets a hole or two, but this is wanderer's life…
Elle is curious, thoughtful, both intrepide and quiet, a bit reserved by caring…

Elle costs 920€ + shipping fees.

Else is a doll creator's daughter. It means she mostly wears handmade linen dresses and bonnets, most often embroidered with love by her mom. She also stands 17", but unlike her twin, her organic body (stuff with Götland wool) is made with my actual pattern, very slightly different. Her hair is weft mohair locks crocheted into a cap. Else is lively, chatty and tender. She's a very curious mind, happy in most circumstances and very friendly.

Else costs 
920€ + shipping fees.

You can get them both for 1790€ + shipping fees.

Send me a message (email, messenger, instagram, pigeon, telepathy…) or let a comment if you want to bring them home…
If several persons are interested, I'll pick a name on Tuesday June 30 around 6:00 am EST

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what type of shakespearean personality would you bond with?

"What kind of romantic fellow are you?" (please forget roses and stupid cards if it's for me) 
"Saint or sinner?" 
How Much Of A Psychopath Are You Really?"… 

Come on, I'm pretty sure you already took them all!

       do you know

             what type of        
                 Shakespearean baby
                      is meant for you?

Take the test

(This test  is supposed to help you learn more about yourself and better understand both your strengths and weaknesses. Thus, take your time and answer very honestly.)

1- It's your birthday:

f- you are not really into celebrations;
b- you spend the night at the opera;
c- you date a special one in a special place for this special day;
d- finally you parachute for the first time of your life, whatever your father thinks;
eyou organise a huge party with your many friends;
a- you have a photo shooting for a socialite magazine. 

2- Your home sweet home is:

c- a simple and happy cottage;
f- a (messy) private place;
d- where books are;
a- on a rock; my great-great-grandfather built this castle in 1551;
b- a breathless palace;
e- somewhere.

3- A perfect partner would be:
a- honest;
e- happy;
b- passionate;
f- thoughtful.

4- What do you value the most:

f- intellection;
b- action;
d- justice;
c- kindness;
e- fun;
a- dignity.

5- What would you hate the most?

e- meanness;
b- infidelity;
c- weakness;
f- thoughtlessness;
d- stupidity;
a- misogyny.

6- You have to face a situation, you

c- act according to your emotions and/or your feelings;
f- need to know everything about;
d- elaborate some strategy;
b- run into action;
e- wake up;
a- collapse.

7- Which animal could you be?

c- a sloth;
d- a bear;
f- an owl;
b- a bee;
e- a seal;
a- a hart.

8- It's spring, the sun shines… 

e- she's like a rainbow;
f- a hard rain is gonna fall;
b- here comes the sun;
d- april come she will;
c- oh happy days;
a- I can see clearly now.

9- Which color represents you the best?

b- mandarine;
a- violet;
e- bright pink;
c- lilac;
f- light blue-grey;
d- tomatoe red.

10- Which profession would fit you well?
a- teacher;
b- general;
c- novellist;
d- diplomat;
e- stylist;
f- philosopher.

11- What is your favorite hobby?

b- cruising;
f- ouija;
c- photography;
e- partying;
a- feeding needy children;
d- your what?

Your results
(create a profil and save your results)

You get a majority of a:

Hermione is your type: passionate but dignified, caring, smart, majestic, she knows how to be with you even when she's not there. 

You get a majority of b:

Othello is your natural heir. This ambitious, pure, candid, passionate, righteous but naive baby will know how to warm your heart day after day. 

You get a majority of c:

Innogen (no misspelling…) is probably the one you deeply need! She's the kindest little person, without any mischief nor artifice. Oh, she exactly knows what she wants and even happens to seem a bit stubborn, but she really is tender and faithful.

You get a majority of d:

Portia is on the top of your adoption list! Oh this one, she can always get what she wants, no matter if she has to invent some tale for that. Whatever, nobody can't deny she's brilliant, subtle, and of course gorgeous! Probably just like you!

You get a majority of e:

Orlando, handsome baby and attractive poet is your type. Just a tip: let him pin love poems on the furnitures, don't be too strict, don't restrain his loving soul… 

You get a majority of f:

Hamlet is the perfect baby for you! Maybe he doesn't seem to be the happiest little one, but he's not a vain fellow and you already can plan exciting nights debating of contingency of existence… 

What's next?

You will be now able to ADOPT a baby perfectly suiting to your temperament, character and personality… All measure about 8" and are made by hand from organic materials. Heads, limbs and bodies are sculpted according to needle felt technique, all have crocheted mohair hair.
Each one costs 417€ + shipping fees. All you have to do is commenting under this post or sending me an email ( with your result and the name of your soulmate. 
If several candidats are interested in the same baby, I'll pick up a name.

You have until THURSDAY 10th of JUNE 11:59PM GMT+1 (= something like 5:59PM if you live on the East Coast…).

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