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a day in the life

this is where Aslaug was born… and this is where she made her first steps. oh, it was not so long ago, but in this time, fir trees were almost soaking in the lake, and only elves, fairies or well-informed persons could approach the water. it was before the drought.

like every morning, aslaug eats some porridge with honey and nuts, drinks a cup of milk, jumps into her favorite clothes and runs to the forest. what? no comb no toothbrush? let's be honest, some days she has no time for these details.

oh please, don't call a social worker: she is not in danger, she just lives a busy life, some days. like you or me (even if i'd never forget to brush my teeth).

of course, she could go to school or preschool with other kids of her age, of course she could put her hand up to give the right answer, and play with pals at very determined hours in a very determined way… but she doesn't.
mornings are dedicated to inspection: mushrooms, boles, roots, moss, lichens, ferns…
everything looks in order, till this rock: is this a dead body?

whatever, it doesn't move and looks very damaged. and the girl near doesn't do anything except crying. aslaug is not one of these girls yelling for any spider. but it's the first time she finds a corps in the woods and she's bemused. i guess it's normal. "don't touch him, it could be fatal". poor aslaug, she feels so helpless for the first time of her life.

"a fairy, we need a fairy. now". and she imitates the hoot of the owl. three short times plus a long. everywhere a shudder. behind the trees, murmurs, here a flapping wing, there a noisy leaf. and a baby fairy arrives. 

with a magic decoction:  snail slime, elderberries and smelly socks juice. classic but efficient. finally, the dead body opens his eyes and coughs: alive! aslaug can't resist and kiss his cheek (so fast nobody saw anything!)

"mom was doing the laundry, so it's me coming first", Siv says proudly.

— Stop bragging, Siv! do you think i haven't seen you snooping at me this morning? you and Rita, eating toffees instead of listening to the woods? Do you really think a spanish princess travelled so far to eat toffees with you? seriously, Siv?

Siv pouts. did i mention Aslaug was supposed to be her babysitter each time her fairy parents needed a few time for them? Siv thinks she's too old to have a babysitter.

Rita, Rita the spanish princess, is not proud at all. her parents sent her here to study magic and fairy language, and she's been caught eating toffees and playing hide and seek… she hopes it won't start a diplomatic incident… Rita is such a sweet girl, she wouldn't like to hurt her parents, nor diplomates, nor Siv. and Aslaug seems upset. Being an intern is not so easy…

you know what? (she says with her charming accent) i know who they are, the little hobos! it was in the newspaper yesterday: they are the two ones who killed the witch, they say. 

darn it! Aslaug looks at them attentively. they really don't look like murders, but who knows… dad always says she's not allowed to talk to unknown persons… on other hand, these two look so tiny and sweet… she would like to hug and cuddle them. but she has to be sure and asks: Are you Bonnie and Clyde?

— Hansel and Gretel, continues Rita. no dad, dead mother,  kidnapped and tortured by the witch, actively wanted by interdoll… but i'm sure they never killed anybody and probab…

and this is the moment Mommy fairy arrives with soup, cookies, new garments, warm hats, shoes and new passports for the two little ones.

— and don't forget, from now you are Hansi and Gretli. no one will recognize you. and here is my friend's address, she'll be a wonderful mom for you, she's a partner fairy. travel safe!!!

and they left! it was one of these weird but unforgettable encounters…
Aslaug has a broken heart. she would love to know more about them, and why not, maybe make friend with them…

of course, baby Siv and princess Rita are young and inexperienced, and chattering, and messy but aren't they the best companions for exploring the big woods? Come on my team, let's go…

Rita and Siv are available here right now:


the day octavia started talking

Octavia is one of these little ones. not anymore babies, but not so big. oh, she's the most beautiful little girl ever. and so clever…

Octavia is a chatty little person with a unique but very powerful 
word. it' sounds like Beebee but means both cat, bees, bird, baby or bottle of milk. she can say it all the day, everyday. 
— oh geez, her parents sigh sometimes, we can't wait for she adds one or two words to her corpus…

— Octavia darling, mom says, it's time to put some cloth on.
she catches her baby and puts on a flowery dress.
alas, Octavia has no intention to wear any dress today. she rolls on the floor and shouts, just to try…

— oh my sweet heart, dad says, what's the matter? I know, you want pink bloomers and sleeveless blouse…

But Octavia doesn't agree. no pink bloomers, no sleeveless blouse today. Octavia rolls on the floor and shouts, the most loudly she can…

poor mom and dad, they really don't know what to do, they can't let her cry. mom catches her baby, give her a hug and looks at dad.

— maybe she needs rompers today, no?

and they dress her with dot rompers, not too short, not too long, very comfy with a pocket for treasuries. 

but Octavia doesn't want rompers. she looks at her parents, sits on the floor and says "NO". a big and firm NO. very determined.

— Good lord, mum and dad yell, she talks. our Octavia said no!
Thus, nasal consonants are soooo difficult to pronounce. OMG, Octavia is so gifted.
— NO, Octavia says. NO NO NO. nonononono. 
nononononononononono. nonononononononononononononono.

— poor Octavia, her parents say, we can't dress her with rompers, not today…

they pull off rompers and search in the drawer…

Octavia watches her panties, she's happy, claps her hands and starts leaving.

hey, Octavia, dad says, don't you forget something?

— BOOBOO, octavia says, boobooboobooboo. and she puts on her boots like a very girl!

mom looks at dad, dad looks at mom. proud moment, Octavia is now a talking person! and by the way, does she really need to wear clothes today?

Octavia is a 12" waldorf inspired baby. she's made with organic cotton and carded wool. her hair is goat, and her face is embroidered.
All her outfits are cotton, except the felted boots (hand knit and felted by myself).
Octavia comes with a dress, bloomers and sleeveless shirt, rompers and her favorite ruffle panties. and of course, her booboo. hmm, sorry, her booties…

Octavia costs 450€ + shipping fees.

you can add two extra sets of garments (one set = 50€)

set one: (shirt, double gauze bloomers & bandana)

 set two: (shirt, chambray trousers & bandana)

send me a message with your paypal address if you want to adopt Octavia. you can let a comment here (private mode), but the safest way is to PM via FB.

if several persons are trying for Octavia, i'll pick up a name on sunday at noon (EST)

thanks a lot for your visit…


benjamins (U to Z)

New puxies? Last (but not least) puxies! The youngest puxies, forever…

I'll be honest with you: youngest puxies won't be very mature. nor so well mannered… i'm getting old and feel a little more tired, so maybe i've been less stringent with good behavior.
then i learned a lot from the elders and finally understood repeating again and again the same advices is vain and just exhausting.

ooops, something else you have to know: I've been potty training TWENTY young ones in four months and i confess i'm a little fed up… it means this bunch comes with (washable) diapers. I know you'll survive, diapers are not forever…

finally, these little ones, who are they? for some very 
incomprehensible reason, three of them are specifically energetic, sneaking around, stealing tools (specifically if they look like minions), exploring the wild world… 

Wildberry and its crooked smile is something, Yuzu is all the time experiencing a new funny idea, but maybe the most tiring is X. Pure enzyme. (of course factor x is just a nickname, only its parents will be allowed to know its real birth name!)

talking about names, Ugli doesn't seem so very happy with hers, thought we had no choice (or Udo maybe?). just a tip, we use to call her Pretty Baby U, and it smooth her mood…whatever, Pretty Baby U is the "mom I need arms" of the brood (there is always one). 

Yuzu speaks very well: pooh, no!, never, no-no-no, no-never! and even no way! and yes, Yuzu is very smiling, all the time, when she doesn't roll on the floor but tantrums are so cute at this age…

Wildberry is the coolest baby ever. it's a rider. on Chopper, its wild horse, Wildberry roams the house at a brisk pace in the name of freedom. 

Oh poor Vanille! shocked again by the noisy and ruleless Wildberry! Vanille is so sweet, calm and respectful. differences of tempers are so amazing!

see Zatte! why is Zatte so shy? because it's the youngest of all? because Zatte has blue eyes? by the way, why does Zatte have blue eyes, all puxies are supposed to have brown eyes, right? genetics? accident? maker's fancy?

well, you'd rather blame Labour Day! on Workers Day, mrs postman doesn't work and didn't bring my brown DMC thread. the day after neither. no brown thread, no brown eyes. should i be stuck (no eyes, no hair, everybody knows eyes come before hair) because History? not my style, and this is how Zatte is an adorable red haired blue eyed little one. 

oh, before I forget, it's time to talk about food. I received tons of messages from anxious mamas telling me their little ones refused soups, veggies, fish and meat…

Think about one minute: what are your puxies made from? Organic carded wool and cotton jersey! It means proteins. High fibers. and a few fat. Logically, what do they need? sugar, minerals, vitamins and extra sugar. in other words, fruits juices for vitamins, water for minerals, and for the rest candies, cookies, cakes, chocolate (lots of chocolate), plus brioches for vitamins B. that's all! so please mothers, stop bothering them with toxic soups or dangerous spinach.


Now you know everything about Puxies and it's time to send me a message if you'd like to get a last chance to adopt one of them.

due to google's weird behavior, i recommend private FB messages with the name of your favorite(s) and your PP address. you can try for six puxies if you want. each costs 330€ + shipping fees.
payment is due within an hour after you'll receive the invoice
if your name is drawn.

i'll pick names on Monday 6th of May at noon (EDT)



fairies (puxies P-T)

creating puxies is not the quietest job ever. i already knew it for a while. 
but lately, things became really weird. it started with strange tiny events: a whole day of sneezing, pink hearts flying in the sky, maggots in my pins box, whispers around…
"maybe you're damaged", my sweet yoko says to help. but suddenly, i understood: fairies! i was making fairies! 

and everything became clear. Quetsche was spending days in hubby's garden, throwing spells for hatching those purple flowers, chanting for waking up bees, and making us, poor urban girls, sneezing and crying…

in the meanwhile, Prunelle, the fairy of love, was testing her brand new love spells on innocent people. grumpy old math teacher fall in love with the hairdresser and asked her to color his poor hair in pink, just to approach her. at least, we had a good laugh when we saw the result… 

for many of us, fairies are supposed to be kind daughters of nature, adepts of slow life, cute creatures, etc. 
i never understood why the idea of nature is connected to the idea of good. J.-J. Rousseau wrote too many best sellers! 
first of all, i'm not sure at all fairies are supposed to live in the wild. of course, they need a garden to play in, climb trees, organize picnics, but they love indoor life, warm houses, comfy beds, tea & croissants for breakfast, bubble bath and musical toothbrush. just like us!

whatever, each fairy is a special case, has its own story and specific skills. see Reinette. oh no, don't even try to ask Reinette if you want your old love back. nor if you need emergency flowers for hungry bees.
Reinette is pretty good to transform your neighbor's barking dog in a mute rabbit. It's the prankster master, able to tie your shoes together as you run to the rail station, fill the teacher's bag with frogs…

Reinette is very helpful! really. it's the one you need if your mother sneaks in your room, if a cop claims you drove to fast, if your sister borrows your toys…
alright. sometimes sweet Reinette oversteps the line, i know. Sureau paid the price of its patience and lice living quietly in her hair were turned into scratchy cockroaches.

Poor Sureau. happily, Tomate, the fixing up fairy blew and blew all the possible spells to undo Reinette's bad trick! Sureau kept straight braids, but cockroaches vanished in the space…

pink Tomate was completely mad at Reinette. annoying baby Sureau, a just beginner fairy, is so awful and stupid!alas, it's not easy to take revenge when you're known to arrange peacefully all issues… what to do? asking Quetsche's help and having butterflies all around? calling Prunelle and see love in the air? darn it! a good old shouting should work the best!

and you? do you believe in fairies?

if you want to adopt a fairy (or two or more), let a message here, or PM via FB (probably the best, since apparently i miss 7 of 10 messages from the blog!) with your PP address, and the name of your favorite. if you have five favorites, let me five messages (easier for me).
by the way, if you absolutely need a fairy, i do recommend to try for the most you can, to increase your chances… however, if you try on three and if your name is picked for three (well, it's the theory), you must be ready to buy them three.

each doll costs €350 + shipping fees.
I'll pick a name on Sunday 14 of April at noon (EDT).