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the soup

granny asked today: "who want to help me in the garden? i need vegetables for a soup."
tilly and i, we love helping in the garden.

look at all these vegetables well arranged!
— i handle everything, don't worry, grandma, i said.

nothing better than a nice soup with lots of vegetables, isn't it?

what do do think of my pinafore? granny made it for me!

4 commentaires:

  1. so wonderful, i love your dolls and stories, and the vegetable soup must be so fine!
    have a nice time, i have to sew all day long.... with big hugs cornelia

  2. Oh my! You have such a treasure here, mon amie! The stories are a beautiful compliment to your exquisite "children." Please save me a serving of your delicious soup... so creative in all aspects!


  3. I can imagine you making a soup too, and I'll love to have it.
    Thanks for your nice words on my last Post.

  4. She's gorgeous, I love her ! Et quel travail !!! ;-)