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this is the end (beautiful friend)

this is the end of summer, says grandma, the end of vacation.

noooo, noooo, neveeer, shouts heloise, 
i want no ending vacation.

— granny, please granny, we wannna stay here with grandpa and you granny.
we won't bother you, granny, we'll live in the little house in the garden. 

we'll make you lots of nice soups.

and we'll take care of the pigs…

and ride wild horses and hunt lots of buffalos…

and we'll tidy our room everyday…

and sleep early for real granny…

you know what tilly? it's the most beautiful vacation of the world!

heloise and tilly will be available for sale auction style on hyenacart 
begins friday september 28th, 9.00pm EDT ends saturday 29th, 9.00pm EDT

(6.00pm pacific coast, 11.00am melbourne, 02.00am london)

6 commentaires:

  1. How I like Heloise's little doll... And her blue floral dress! I had similar in my childhood:))

    1. anna, i had the same dress when i was about 4. and i found a small unused piece of it in my mother's fabrics :)

  2. Quel dommage que cette histoire se termine!! Bon je sais bien les vacances ne durent pas pour toujours...

  3. Je connaissais les poupées Waldorf, mais les vôtres sortent de l'ordinaire et j'aime autant leurs bonnes joues bien roses d'enfants qui semblent vivre au grand air que leurs vêtements. Bravo, c'est magnifique. Je vais partager mon coup de cœur sur notre page Facebook.