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iseult the fair

the day iseult was born, she was so blond, so cute and so delicate, said her mom, she decided to call her iseult. poor innocent mom…

— iseult my sweetie, we have visitors, my friends come with their daughters.

— i'm ready, mom!

— hi there, i'm diane!

can you do this?

— easy, look at that!

diane and iseult are playing together, when alexandra and her mom finally arrive.

— heeeelloooo, iseult and diane shout.
hello, shy alexandra says.

oh my gosh, she looks like a baby, whispers iseult. come on, i have an idea…
— hey alex, do you like animals?
hahaha, poor little A was very frightened. "go play with your friends", says her mom "we'll call you for tea time".
listen to me girls, i can whistle very well!
and naughty iseult whistle and whistle in little A's ears.

— let's go, says diane, we'd better eat cherries and make a contest of the best spitter of stones!
— one, two, three! i'm the best cherry stones spitter ever!

— diaaane, alexxx, say good bye girls!
— i wanna stay here, mom, alexandra says, wa had so much fun!

alexandra and diane are custom orders, iseult is available in my shop

7 commentaires:

  1. little A learning to have such a good time!

  2. Enjoy the spring too, with all your girls! :-)

  3. Love their playdate! What a minx Iseult is!! Alexandra, dear, you are going to make a mama very very happy!

  4. Iseult is sooo so cute, the others also,... wonderful work, dear winter!
    Many greetings♥ from cornelia

  5. eeeep!!! Love this little stinker!!! ♥♥♥

  6. Très mignonnes ces filles!!! mêmes si les grandes sont des petites pestes.