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(just a tribute to my friend faydra)

what what what? are you sure i never told you about mario?
mario is a hairdresser. most exactly My hairdresser. he is just an artist. and a very happy guy. and very smart 'cause he calls me "madâme".

if you want an appointment, you must be introduce and ask months before. except me!

mimi often comes from america just to see mario and let him stylize her hair. here is her before/after. now she can go out without a hat.

so, this morning i decided i had to change. i looked like a witch!
mom took me at mario's laboratory and left for a brunch somewhere else. i love my mom.

first, i needed bangs. even michelle has bangs, why not me?

mario said "stunning", but we had an idea. why not a little bit lighter?

but finally, lighter was not bright enough. so i had a new idea:

mario said "darling, you looks like my friend Divine, we'll fix it very quick". i don't know his friend Divine, but i trust in mario.

i LOVE my new face!
but when mom came back, she said "YOKO, OH!NO!!!!"

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