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sweet martha was born with a cleft lip.
of course, she knows she looks a little different. but it doesn't mean she is sad or feel lonely. oh no!

martha has lots of pals. here is tess the pest, her best friend.

martha is a dreamer. but most of the time, she's a very busy girl.
she has to play hide and seek in the garden…

or take a nap on the grass.

how brave is martha: she can take high risks just to catch a crawfish and cuddle it.

she also tamed the terrible mighty duck and now he carries her where she needs to go…

… even to the cookies box…

martha will be for sale auction style tonight at 9pm (edt).
auction ends tomorrow at 9pm.

4 commentaires:

  1. Martha est adorable. Je l'aime beaucoup avec son tablier vichy et sa coiffure dans la dernière photo.

    1. une tenue célèbre ici, quant à la boîte de cookies, elle se vide vite, très vite…

  2. She seems so happy! I wish we could all take on problems that way!

    1. thank you pet! in real life, my daughter is a happy girl too, but her "second best friend" (don't ask about this concept, i can't answer) has a large birthmark on her face and it's not an accident if they are both united in front of the others…