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he's in love for the first time

imogen and honoré were born near lake baikal, but they have been living in paris for a so long time they don't remember siberia.

they just have embroidered coats, that's all…

imogen and valentine are best friends forever.

oh my god, thinks honoré, this girl is so wonderful, so delicate… so romantic…

honoré has a little secret: he is in love with valentine! of course nobody knows, they could laugh and jibe… you know how people are. especially søren!

søren is a a very busy guy. always happy. always a new trick up in the sleeve! the teacher says he is tiring, but he says this teacher is always tired.

søren brings lots of interesting toys in the classroom.

and it make the others laugh! this guy is really cool!

valentine told imogene søren was in love with a girl he saw on the internet. they were giggling like crazy.

but it's not funny, even if the girl is a heroine, not a real girl…

i almost collapsed yesterday: valentine looked at me and yelled "honoré, come here, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH"

and she took the little fish mom sewed on my coat and said "oh geeeeez, honoré, i could die for your coat"

of course, i wouldn't like to kill her because of my coat and i told mom.

but mom said "don't worry, she's just a pest" and i was not allowed to give her my coat… it's so sad.

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