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marquise-marguerite-marie is a princess. if you're her pal, and only if your one, you are allowed to call her M&M&M.
and maybe someday her future husband prince charming will have a special dispensation to call her M&M. maybe…

like any princess, marquise is very busy.
(sometimes too busy to be polite, but this is another story.)

she must sit and hear boring gossips about other princesses.

she must make a pretty curtsey even with an umbrella.

and she has to travel to far unknown countries…

but of course, only disney princesses are obliged to wear weird dresses all the time.

and that's happy, because marquise wants to become a mechanic and repair stuff when she'll grow up.
oh yes Prince Charming will love this resourceful girl, even if she doesn't match his mom…

Marquise will be available on friday feb. 21. from 9 pm to 10 pm (new york zone) here:

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