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how i got a baby brother

my name is Rozenn and i'd like to tell you how i got the most wonderful baby brother ever.
i live in the far countryside. 
something happened lately in my village, i don't know if you remember that story. a wolf ate a grandma and a hunter shot the wolf… it was in the newspaper. they also talked about on the TV news. whatever, they just forgot to say the grandma was a very nasty one, who obliged her grand-daughter to work for free and carry heavy baskets full of suspect food. 

i know what i say, because the grand-daughter, it's me. but of course, nobody never listens to me.

last week, yoko and me, we organized a picnic in the big woods, not very far from the scene of crime. 
snjo, her baby sister, was playing in the bush, and she called us "goowoowoo-goowoowoo", what can mean a lot of things. she was laughing like a crazy but we also could hear someone crying. yoko and me, we are not curious nor intrusive or something, but of course we took a glance. 
oh-my-god, snjo had found the cutest baby wolf ever!

we knew immediately who was this boy. poor little one! the supposed big bad wolf was actually a wonderful mom and her baby is now an orphan. poor, poor little thing! but if i tell the truth, nobody will believe me and nasty adults will catch the baby. 

he was terrified and so hungry! happily we had a lot of good food in our basket! 

alas alas, yoko's dad was shouting "gi-irls, where are you? 

gi-irls, it's time to come back home" and we had to leave. 

— goo-woo-woo-looloo-goo-woo-woo-looloo. snjo was crying so hard, yoko was in tears and loulou, poor loulou, he was waving hands and looking at us with his big loving eyes…

we all spent a very bad night. i had nightmares with nasty grandmas killing nice wolves, snjo has been shouting "looloo" even in her sleep and yoko began to write a public protest against hunters. 

we woke up early in the morning and run to the big dark woods calling "loulou, where are you, loulou-ou?".

ouch. i was sure: loulou was attacked by a very aggressive crab-turtle. the beast was crawling next to him and our brave loulou had to climb on the top of a tree to save his life! 

relieved, we arrived just in time!

 — that's fine, guys, i get it, i said. hoho, you know what? it's just the bread mom cooked for the breakfast. don't worry, loulou, you are safe!

— i have an idea, yoko said suddenly. loulou can't be a wolf since he doesn't know he is supposed to be a wolf. if he wears snjo's red overalls, he could be your baby brother. this way, we'll be the blue pair and you'll be the red one!

no sooner said than done! loulou turns into a baby brother. believe me, this is just the best day of my life.

shht, it's naptime, don't awake the babies!

please visitors, marchez à pas de loup!*

*"Marcher à pas de loup", "walk with wolf steps" means "walk carefully without making any noise"

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  1. I love the story behind this family. Very cool!

  2. Loulou is the cutest brother ever! so happy he survived the scary crab turtle. hehehehe

  3. J'adore ton loup, et habillé il est encore plus sensass. Très belles photos dans la nature.