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socks and touilles (dedicated to britta)

you probably remember my friend britta who had socks issues a short time ago. we all know how frustrating are missing socks… (well, some others think different socks are funny… obviously, we are not obliged to feel frustrated…)

have you noticed sometimes things happened and NOBODY is responsible? really nobody. not your older son nor your husband, you don't have cats nor dogs and your mother-in-law is not here. so, who stole your scissors? who ate the last piece of cake? who put flour on the floor?

a touille!
a touille! touilles are tiny creatures living in lively homes. i'm sure you already had the feeling a tiny breath was running near your feet. you take a look, nothing! of course, touilles are fast runners and very small! they are bashful!

of course, the best way to observe touilles' way of life is a cctv (closet-circuit television). this is really more funny than national television!

you have here a pink specimen enmeshed in an unfinished sock.

we identify a grumpy grey one wearing pink shoes trying to enter in a weird knitting sampler…

as you can see, touilles are fond of socks. but i confess i had no idea some tried to eat socks. maybe the cheese taste…

this one is a cuddly one. we know now where lives yoko's lost baby elf.

well, touilles need to get cosy, it's a fact. touilles need affection, touilles need you! don't tell me you are so cruel and would like to deprive them of the most elementary comfort? please! come on, what's a sock?

i'll give you a tip about socks: instead of knit a pair as you use to do, knit three identical items!

if you need a (free) pattern, sneak in my ravelry store in a few day and you'll learn how to make toes up lace (or not) socks for dolls!
and if you read this, congrats, you're a courageous reader!

3 commentaires:

  1. This is a very interesting explanation for our missing socks problem. I was always suspecting my washing machine. Now I will have to excuse and ask my children and cats for help to look for these lovely touilles and I´ll start knitting triple socks :) Good idea and wonderful blog that I just discovered, thank you!

  2. Love this page, sublime creativity...will return, but first Revelry....have socks to make for my debut doll..Bonnie Baker-Cutler