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King Pepin, the thief and the superhero…

King Pepin is a valiant and valorous young man. He fears nothing and nobody, neither the gods nor death, he tames dragons and leads the kingdom with courage and abnegation. King Pepin is really brave.

Nevertheless, Pepin is human and has a small weakness: when it comes to Zizania, he just forgets he's so brave and try to escape far away! 
Zizania is a plague, she already stole his glasses and let him lost in the schoolyard, she said "boo" and made his heart skip a beat, and last year she signed with her own name his letter to Santa Claus. 
Zizania is King Pepin's nightmare!

Today is a very busy day for king Pepin (delivering a very important speech, reassuring people, etc.). He wears his glasses, takes hs sweater coz it's very cold, but, tragically, his crown is missing!

He climbs a cherry tree and looks attentively: no crown!
He searches in the garden, no crown (but a baby. "Obviously, Pepin thinks, it's already spring and babies are blooming around"). 

King Pepin is very annoyed, he really need this crown for his speech, it's tradition and no one can escape it.

Maybe I should ask the terrible two? Henriette and Zizania, pesting cousins. Henriette is not a bad egg…

Ahem, they put on their masks so quickly that I can't see if they are kidding me or respecting the rules. annoying, very annoying. I need this crown…

You know how it works: a reporter (actually, the boyfriend of the chancellor's brother-in-law) took advantage of the confusion and wrote a scary paper:

"THE MISSING CROWN: Terrorists want to trade the crown for the promise, etc." 

The whole country is upside down. People are scared. Nobody saw the crown, nobody claims the theft, communists and anarchists plead innocent… 

Up there on the top of mountain, Zuper Zi-me is waiting for her turn, observing quietly the mess from her magical tree.  (Actually, she saw everything, but she's not against a little collective tragedy sometimes…)

And Zuper Zi-me finally decides to bring the crown back! She flies to the palace, and arrives in the nursery through the wall (really faster than doors).
"Come on Hiltrude, give me back your brother's crown". Well, Hiltrude tries to resist a little, but it's nap time and she actually is very floppy!

The day after, people could read the true story in the newspaper:
"pink gang jeopardizes the constitution".

This morning, the weather is cooler, King Pepin wears his crown, he is finally ready to deliver his speech. but OOOOPs, you know what? Princess Hiltrude, his young sister, ate his paper…

By the way, who is Zuper Zi-me? Angel or Devil? Go ask the reporter…

Zizania, King Pepin and Hiltrude are available here: 

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