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carnival tonight

sorry for this: i needed to secure my blog because i can't stand any longer anonymous offensive comments, and find my short stories published elsewhere on the net without being at least mentioned (and without any permission, of course). so i secured my blog. and i did it so well that only me was allowed to read it… my apologies for this inconvenience.

now, let's go back to our heroes.

— so, mr ghost said to the new one, did you found something?
— nothing, unfortunately, she answered, i shall continue tomorrow. What a crowd tonight!
— alors, dit mr fantôme à la nouvelle arrivante, tu as trouvé quelque chose?
— hélas, toujours rien, répondit-elle, je continuerai demain. quel monde ici ce soir!
yoko is intrigued. what is this girl searching for that? the best way to know, she thought, is to become her friend. "i'm yoko, she said with a smile, what's your name"?
— Michelle mabel.
— Michelle mabel, said John, these are words that go together well... 
yoko est bien intriguée. mais que cherche donc cette fille? le meilleur moyen de le savoir, se dit-elle, c'est de devenir sa copine. "je suis yoko, dit-elle avec un sourire, comment t'appelles-tu"?
— michelle mabel.
— michelle mabel, dit john, sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble, très bien ensemble…
poor John! he didn't have time to say more than yoko and lisette took him out of the group.
we hear laughter, whispering, reversed trunks. it's the turn of michelle mabel to be intrigued. she would like to know what's going up there, but she can't leave without finishing the cup of tea mom put in her hands.
mais le pauvre john n'a pas le temps d'en dire plus long que yoko et lisette l'entraînent hors du groupe. on entend des rires, des chuchotements, des malles renversées. c'est au tour de michelle mabel d'être intriguée. elle aimerait bien savoir ce qui se trame là-haut, mais elle n'ose pas partir sans finir la tasse de thé que maman lui a mis d'office dans les mains.
— "mardi gras, mardi gras," the children cry.
— "mardi gras, mardi gras", crient les enfants.
— what an incredible impudence, muttering mr ghost… 
— quel incroyable toupet, marmonne mr fantôme en voyant lisette.

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  1. Well, I am sorry to hear that your stories were shamelessly stolen in cyberspace. Good thing you could "secure" your blog - while letting us read it too. Welcome back! Your little characters are as charming as ever. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. tu sais veronique, j'en ai parlé avec d'autres personnes et apparemment c'est assez fréquent. je t'embrasse, w.

  2. Oh, I didn't suspect unkind comments and stealing.

    That hasn't happened to me... yet.

    So happy you are well. Your new little one Is Perfection! Well Done!

    Chin up! and Smile! We all know a Winterludes Lovely when we see one! No one can steal your beautiful talent from you!

    Your friend,

    1. thank you alyce. i could recognize a happy colorful puppen even with closed eyes. about attacks, i'm not the only one, sadly. xoxo, w.

  3. Ton histoire et les photos m'ont bien fait rire; Quand on se verra bientôt il faudra m'expliquer comment sécuriser un blog.

    1. je savais que yokokechi te ferais rire. tu veux rendre ton blog archi-confidentiel? à bientôt, winter.

  4. dear winter, some people are really without any respect
    for intellectual property, it is ashaming to read, what happened.
    I can´t understand this, and I am very appalled by this!!
    Keep cool and sovereign, but it is not easy! I will write you an email... with big hugs, cornelia

  5. Heureusement que la petite famille peut encore participer au Carnaval.

  6. Oh, I thought John had fallen in love with Michelle. Was I right?

    1. maybe, but it'd be a silent and undeclared love. whatever, i think he is too young to be disloyal (just a little tribute to jean-jacques rousseau).

  7. Your talent is unique and recognizable, ma chère, both the writing and your precious little people. I have a miniature one looking at me right now... merci!


  8. Good to see you're back!!!
    Greetings Severine