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the story is based upon this picture we found, jenny and i, on the internet
 two months ago.

it's the big day! heloise has finally arrived in canada!
of course, she says she didn't sleep even one seconde during the trip.
anyway, she has colored the entire album the stewardess gave her. she has been deeply concerned because she wants to show it to Granny and tilly!
it's weird, everyone here in canada knows her, and Mr. Customs told her "welcome heloise!"

heloise is waiting for granny and tilly. she's a little bit anxious: "and what's about if grandma forgets me? should i say bonjour or hello? hello is not very polite, because in hello we can hear hell… and what tilly looks like?"

— oh my god, there is a little girl with the same outfit than mine…
ooooohhhh, it's tilly!!!!! tilly and granny!!!!!!
tilly, granny… it's me, heloise! i have a gift for you in my suitcase and…

3 commentaires:

  1. You did so well recreating that photograph. You never know when inspiration will strike, do you.

  2. so wonderful creation, dear winter, and so cute story. Heloise is a pretty girl with her wonderful clothes, her little doll in the arms, with the little suitcase.. i love her!
    I will write you as soon as i can, all the best for you, big hugs, cornelia

  3. J'adore ce que tu as réussi à faire d'après la photo d'inspiration.
    Bon je vois qu'Héloïse a fait un bon voyage, de toutes façons elle n'était pas seule il y avait aussi sa poupée.
    Ouf! Tilly et granny sont là...