rock&dolls addict


day 1

tilly and i, we watched each other and we laughed. it was so funny, we were almost the same.

she took my hand and we began to be friends.
pink pig and mia were happy together.

then, we arrived at the farm. wow, it's a big farm! we wanted to see the pigs immediately but granny said we had to put our suitcases in our room first.
"tilly, you'll have tom's bed, and heloise you'll take nick's bed", she said. our dads lived there when they were children.

we had a lunch. in fact, we were very hungry.
granny said we should take a nap before visiting the piggery.

we put the beds nearby to talk silently.

we were not tired at all.  we just read books. there are lots of book in our room. or maybe we slept a little, because when we woke up, it was too late for the pigs. blast!

but grandpa was back home. he said "did you sleep well, beautiful princesses?" he is funny. he promised to wake us up at dawn tomorrow to see the pigs.

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