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tilly & heloise

everybody knows what are e-friends, but what do you know about e-cousins?

jenny from little jenny wren's playroom and i are dollmakers. as such, we met on facebook and we decided to collaborate on a special project. 

thus were born the cousines tilly and heloise.

tilly lives in lauceston, tasmania, and heloise in paris, france.

this year, they'll spend vacation together at grandma odette's farm, in canada. what a wonderful adventure! 

if you want to follow them in canada, you can visit their facebook page A Most Wonderful Vacation by Heloise and Tilly

3 commentaires:

  1. dear winter, it is so nice to read you, how are you?
    i hope you are allright.
    your special projekt together ist really wonderful, these both dolls are soooo cute!
    With a big hug, cornelia

  2. Oh, I find this one now too, where were you?

  3. Quelle super idée!!!
    Maintenant je sais ce qu'est A wonderful vacation et je me suis empressée d'aller sur la page facebook.