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in the attic

— granny, have you got a ghost in the attic?
— oh my god, no, said granny.
— of course we have, said grandpa.
— can we visit it, asked tilly?

ooohh, the attic is so dark…
— don't stay here sweeties, said grandma, it's so dusty.

— i can't see any ghost here! too bad…

booooo… booooo…
— albert, said granny, stop fooling, they'll have nightmares.
— oh granny, we said, we aren't afraid.

— aaaaaaahhhhhhh, what's that? granny, somebody's here…
— oh geez, said granny, look at that albert, it's your mother's doll. it's a very very old doll, girls, she's very very tired… and also dirty.

— you know what, we'll took her in the garden and clean her and see what we can do for her. okay girls?

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  1. J'adore suivre les épisodes de cette histoire. La maison est géniale, les grand parents sont vraiment formidables.