rock&dolls addict


the coloring book

what i prefer with the little house, it's climbing on the roof and zeeee, i slip…

tillyyyy, look at me, i can stand up on the roof…

… i'm the best…


— granny, shouted tilly, granny, helo fell on her head.
and granny called the ambulance WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO

and you know what, granny gave me a coloring book! and tilly asked "granny please granny, may i have a coloring book too, even if i don't fall on my head?"
and granny gave her another coloring book, she's the best granny ever!

4 commentaires:

  1. Grannies rule! Pretty little dolls: I hope Helo feels better soon! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. You should take more care of yourself, and don't be so foolish :-)

  3. What a story, how is Helo now? Does she feel better?
    so cute clothes, such a cute house!!

    So cute also the little doll too, like my little Lena, you know.
    now my market is oer, i am very happy aboeut it and hope, i will have a little bit more time... with big hugs, cornelia