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the larssons 3- kersti

thank a lot Anna for the following informations: Kersti was born in 1896. she studied gardening and practised it. She was married to Aksel Friedberg and had 5 kids — Ulla-Brita, Anders, Marit, Ulf, Karin. She was died in 1975.
because she is younger than lisbeth and brita, i made a 12" kersti.
my kersti is a dreamer. she loves nature, flowers, trees.

she needs to feel the changes of the seasons.
she prefers playing outside, climbing the trees, running in the meadows.

i made her traditional swedish outfit: red dress, stripped apron, flowery bonnet and shawl. 

available as an auction sale on september 8 at 9.00 pm EDT

2 commentaires:

  1. C'est vraiment extraordinaire ce que tu as réussi à faire. Tu sais comme j'aime aussi le travail de Larsson, et voir tes poupées et les photos est très émouvant.
    Un grand bravo!