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the larssons 4 — esbjörn

esbjörn was born in 1900. he was the youngest of the family. thanks to Anna, we know esbjörn was an agronomist. his wife's name was greta, their son's name is lars. he died in 1937.

as the youngest of a big family, i imagined a very playful and spoiled baby.
(by the way, esbjörn has TWO shoes, but you know how babies are…)

sometimes a little capricious, he loves to sit on her sisters' knees.

esbjörn is also very cuddly and curious.
look at those cheeks, he is also a bit greedy and loooooves cakes made by ​​his mom.

6 commentaires:

  1. dear winter,
    i love all your Larsons children, they are so well done, the little red cap is so cute, and the clothes from all the children are very athentic and so fine!!wonderful work, wonderful art!!!
    thanks a lot for your e-mail, i will answer soon.
    all the best and a big hug, cornelia

  2. I totally agree with Zwergenwelt! Really wonderful! The doll Esbjörn, the clothes and the red cap... i love it!

  3. Il me plaît beaucoup...est-il encore en vente ????
    Belle et douce rentrée cher amie et a presto.

  4. Quite a short life for such a nice baby. It is always a strange feeling.