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the princess, the witch and the masked & anonymous super hero (2)

 — i don't wanna stay all night in a deep dark forest with lots of dragons, says tilly.

 — look at that, a house!
— oh my goodness, a tiny ginger house!

hansel and gretel? here in canada?

 — tilly, don't you think this guy just looks like the masked and anonymous super-hero?

 — are you afraid of something, little girl? asks heloise

— i'm afraid of this witch, she answers. we were playing, and a real witch comes…

— tillyyyyyy, heloiiiise… where are youuuuu? are you ready for the tea party by our neighbor? you'll meet nicolas and sigrid, her grandchildren. tillyyyyy, heloiiiiise…

4 commentaires:

  1. J'adore le costume de la sorcière. L'avant dernière photo est tout simplement extraordinaire.

  2. dear winter, your dolls and clothes and pictures and the story are all together so wonderfu, i like, how you posed the dolls in the tree, how they are looking, the expression of their faces, you are so great!!!
    with big hugs, cornelia

  3. Even old fairy-tales revive in your enchanted Canadian forest:))

  4. How lovely! Greetings from Holland, Barbara