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the princess, the witch and the masked & anonymous super hero

 — hey, tilly, look at that, i'm a princess today!

 — great, said tilly, i'm a witch!

princess heloise and tilly the witch decide to explore the big woods, around granny's house.

— do you think there are wolves around?
— don't worry, i can throw them a spell, said tilly.
— wooooo, wooooo, come on big bad wolf, woooo…

but suddenly, a huge dragon leapt, throwing flames as high as houses.

 — climb, tilly, shout helo, let your wand down and climb…

 the monster approaches the tree, the tree is burning.
— come on tilly, higher…
happily, a super masked and anonymous hero coming from nowhere jumps on the monster and begins a very dangerous fight…

what a guy! the dragon is knock out!

saved! but who's that boy?


3 commentaires:

  1. your dolls are so lovely and the story so nice!


  2. You are so funny! It's all beautiful again!!
    Greetings Severine

  3. Princesses should always have a price in the waiting. Hasn't that always been all the point of being a princess! :-)