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fanette & zenobie

hi there

my name is fanette and i'll tell you my story.
a sad story indeed.
as you can see, i smile sweetly, but actually sometimes i'd like to cry. or to bite. or both.

my pleasure is reading books.

but could someone explain me how to read a book when you have

 so i keep my books under my arm…

or better, under my butt…

 can you see this young evil face under a pink umbrella? 
Zenobie! my little sister! 

on the other day, she turned into a witch, ate the whole gingerbread house, and she said:

 "wow, this is really magic, the house is now a mushroom,
look at this, fanette!"

but i've got my revenge: she is too small to climb on the christmas goat!

 she can beg, she can cast spells,
this goat is my goat!

fanette and zenobie will be for sale from friday on hyenacart

zenobie will be auction style (begins dec.28th, 9:00 pm est, ends dec.29th, 9:00 pm est)
fanette will be standard sale (begins dec.29th, 9:15 pm est)

4 commentaires:

  1. Elles sont si mignonnes. j'adore la robe écossaise, le bonnet et l'écharpe à boutons...sans oublier les collants. Quelle artiste !
    Très joyeux Noël. Bise

  2. I just adore them and this story Winter. xoxo - Samantha