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the bad gingerbread mom

for tracy…

hey, said john, look at that! a bunch of gingerbread men walking to the south. it means snow very soon!

snow, this is so very exciting…

— mommy, we are going to play outside, don't worry, i shouted.

gudrun took my bike and we organized a big snowball fight. (please, don't believe mini winter when she says she's the best! she braggs all the time!)

suddently, we've heard gudrun crying "heeeeelp, i need someone, heeeelp!"
of course, gudrun cries all the time and we didn't come very quick, i feel sorry now. the scene was so horrible.

gudrun was sitting in the snow, crying and shouting, and a terrible gingerbread mommy was stealing MY bike! she put her baby in the carriage and jumped on the saddle.

i yelled "stooooop, this is my bike" but she acted like if i didn't exist. and she really had a terrible face and scares everywhere.
we were turned to stone.

happily, seraphina is so brave that she jumped on the bike and… she ATE the gingerbread mom! (did i tell you she's sometimes wild and gourmet?)

what a relief!
she took the crying gudrun in the carriage and we came back home as fast as possible!

and when we told mom this terrible adventure, she said "who wants some ginger cookies? i just made some tea."

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  1. dear winter, such a lovely post!!!
    I wish you a very peaceful and fine christmas, have good moments with your family and sty relaxed.
    I send you my best wishes and thoughts and many many hugs, have a very good time♥, cornelia