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I dreamed i saw ste therese

i wasn't born in a catholic family, but i spent a part of my childhood reading life of saints (i know, it drove my mother nuts!) i needed to understand what made them so special.
therese martin, the future ste therese de lisieux, was one of my fav. she was so stubborn and intelligente!
bob dreamed he saw st augustine (and nobody laugh); a few days ago, i saw therese as a doll (so don't laugh)… it was just an ordinary daydream, she was about three, stopped in a move to think about i don't know what…

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  1. Therese, you are lovely as a child. I wasn't brought up Catholic either, but married in to a Catholic family. I do enjoy learning about the different saints and their particular qualities. :) No laughing here, just a smile.


  2. Oh my goodnes!! She is such a beautiful girl!!

  3. Three cheers for the Little T!!!! She's so wonderful, Winter!

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  5. Leuke dingen allemaal weer, lees je blog altijd graag.

    Ik ben pas ook een blog begonnen, misschien vind je het leuk om een keer te kijken....