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hansel & gretel

Once upon a time a very poor woodcutter lived in a tiny cottage in the forest with his two children, Hansel and Gretel. His second wife often ill-treated the children and was forever nagging the woodcutter. 

"There is not enough food in the house for us all. There are too many mouths to feed! We must get rid of the two brats," she declared. And she kept on trying to persuade her husband to abandon his children in the forest. 

"Take them miles from home, so far that they can never find their way back! Maybe someone will find them and give them a home." […]

Hansel walked through the trees, he left a trail of crumbs behind him to mark the way. But the little boy had forgotten about the hungry birds that lived in the forest. When they saw him, they flew along behind and in no time at all, had eaten all the crumbs. […]

"I'm frightened!" wept Gretel bitterly. "I'm cold and hungry and I want to go home!"
oh my god! a chocolate and bread cottage! yummy.
"should stay here", said the two children.

the cottage belonged to an old witch…
"come on children, let's have a tea party together."

she locked hansel in a jail, feeding him to make him fat: she expected to eat him someday.

i've got an idea, said gretel. and she unlocked the jail with her hairclip. darn it!, it's broken. but the door is opened, said hansel!

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  1. so cute, dear winter, I love the faces.
    and pretty clothes. You do this sooo fine. Many geeetings, all the best, cornelia