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the offshore pirates

Once upon a time, in a far far kingdom, lived a king,
a queen, 
and their beloved daughter.

Princess Rosie Patootie was a very happy busy little girl!
of course, she was home schooled, with her friend and cousin, Bella-the-fairy.

today the program says "boating", Rosie Patootie's favorite day! 

no sooner said than done! and our two little girls sail off the coast…

alas, it's a sunny day and our heroines aren't the only sailors on the sea…
— ship in sight! yells Phi-phi-the-terror.
— hoist the flags!

— hahaha, wait a minute leonard-hook! don't tell me you wear your froggy boots to attack rosie's boat?

— ready guys? let's go on board!

— nice job, fellows! i'm sure we can trade her for a ton of goodies and maybe a new boat!

— hmmmhm1@@@@#!!&&#@###@@@!!hmmmmhmmmm
— don't worry, rosie patootie, i'm here, bella says, "…three drops of socks juice, a pinch of pink powder, i spit once, twice, three times hopli-hopla, pirates here i am…"

— oooops! this is what happens to nasty fellows. Thierry-the-red and his ferocious band, you don't look so fierce now… 

come on, rosie, let's have a happy day…

Thierry-the-red and Leonard-hook are available here comment style. they are both 17" waldorf dolls, their skins are cotton jersey, they are filled with carded cleaned wool. they hair are fluffy mohair wigs.
overalls are made with too small forgotten denim dresses that my kids never wore.
leonard's hook and thierry's beard are crocheted.

Each one cost 550€.
if you are interested, put your name and your email address in comment (and the name of your favorite boy). if you are interested in them both you'll have to make two comments…
comments will be visible only by me, to protect your privacy, so don't worry if nothing appears, it's in my mail box.

i'll pick a name tomorrow saturday, mai 24 at 6 am (EST), and i'll let the winners know via an email.
Good luck.



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