rock&dolls addict


phi-phi the terror, aka philomene

Phi-phi is available for one day, "make an offer style"

if you want to adopt philomene, make an offer in comments.

1-  everybody can participate.
2- the offer must be at least her regular price (€500). currency is EURO.
3- comments are hidden until tomorrow sunday mai 25 at 10 am (EST).
4- if two persons offer the same price, the first comment can win.
5- you can change your offer for a higher one only.
6- tomorrow at 10 am, i'll publish the comments and the best offer will win. the price of the doll will be the amount of the best offer + shipping fees. I'll send the winner an pp invoice, or i'll list the doll as reserved in my shop. she will have twelve hours to pay.

7- you can't try for somebody else.

don't hesitate to ask questions, but remember i live in europe and my time zone is GMT+1

good luck!

7 commentaires:

  1. She is so so lovely ahhh of course I meant brave and daring and imposing and dangerous.... would like to offer 1450 €
    Nina Stephanie

  2. Dear Philomene, hope you can come to live with us, it's lots of fun!
    1500 euros :)
    Jenny's Waldorf Cottage!

  3. I would like to offer 901 Euros for her. I just love her and she would be my first!

  4. Hi there! I would love to take this sweet girl home. My bid is $890 US. She is super adorable and I only wish I had more funds to go higher. kristy.avalon (at)

    1. hi kristy, currency must be euro for everybody. imagine if i have to deal with zloty, kr, sek, yen, aud… thank you for understanding.

  5. Phi Phi is a dream come true! While I fear it not enough, I would like to bid 757 Euro.
    Thank you!