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innocent, ready to go

Innocent is a 17" waldorf inspired boy.

he is my first doll with a 
needle felt sculpted head.
probably my last one, i haven't yet decided.

his skin is cotton jersey, he is filled with carded sheep wool. hair is weft gotland sheep curls.
he wears a cotton t-shirt, socks and pants, and linen overalls. shoes are hand knitted with wool. 

baby chicken is also hand knitted with undyed wool and filled with carded wool.

if you want to adopt Innocent, make an offer here in comments.

the rules are easy:

1- everybody can participate.
2- the offer must be at least his regular price (€500). currency is EURO.
3- comments are HIDDEN until tomorrow thursday, july 24 at 1 pm (new york).
4- if two persons offer the same price, the first comment has priority.
5- you can change your offer for a higher one only.
6- tomorrow at 11 am, i'll publish all comments and the higher offer will win. the price of the doll will be the amount of the best offer + shipping fees. I'll send the winner a paypal invoice, or i'll list the doll as reserved in my shop. the winner will have twelve hours to pay.

7- you can't try for somebody else.

don't hesitate to ask questions, but i live in europe and my time zone is GMT+1 first, second i have DENTIST tomorrow for several long hours…

good luck!

3 commentaires:

  1. Good luck at the dentist!! yuck!!
    $1111.00 please and thank you xo

  2. I think Innocent is really special Winter, congrats either way. My bid for him is 1,505 Euros . Ito really would love a brother to play with ;)