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Innocent (but not so much)

This story is inspired by true facts and actual events, we just changed the names of the characters to preserve their privacy…

— Innocent, are you ready? we'll visit my friend Mary, she is just back home with her newborn baby Beate.
Come on Innocent! Oh no, you don't need to bring your toys!
We'll buy a tiny gift for the baby.

— So, what do you choose, Innocent?

— Please Miz, could you pack this chicken,
this is for a baby girl.

— Look at her, Innocent! She is so tiny!
Be careful, she's a baby. 

— Sit down and don't move if you want to take her in your arms.

— Now let her sleep, she is tired!

— Mommy, we won't bring this baby in our home?
I don't think i like babies…
— Of course we won't, ninny! Oh my goodness, it's sooo late.
Bye bye, dearest, we must run…

     — Innocent? what's in your overalls? don't tell me you…
          Oh NO!!! INNOCENT!!! did you steal the chicken?

— Oh mommy, i just saved it, the baby didn't pay any attention, and this chicken needs someone to take care of her.
i'm her daddy, now.
Innocent will be available MMAO style for 24 hours from tomorrow morning (paris zone)

Beate is available HERE comment style.
She is 350€ + shipping.

Beate is a heavy 8" baby (more than 300 grams) filled with carded wool and glass beads. her skin is swiss tricot, her hair is fluffy mohair and she wears pajamas and a diaper.

Let a comment HERE with your paypal address if your are interested in Beate. I'll pick a name tomorrow at 9 am (Paris zone).

your comment is hidden to protect your paypal informations.
contact me if you have problems with your smart phone.

One entry per household.Don't enter for someone else
Don't enter your name if you don't want her.
If the winner don't pay after a few hours, i'll pick another name.

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