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Bo, sweet rascal

Bo is a very special girl. she's so pale, so delicate… but not so fragile, don't worry, she is fine!
she is a 17" waldorf inspired girl.
her skin is cotton jersey, she is filled with carded sheep wool. hair is weft pony.

she wears a dusty pink linen dress sewn in a shirt
i bought just to make this dress because i love the color. shoes, hat and cowl
are hand knitted with wool. 

if you want to adopt Bo, make an offer here in comments.

the rules are easy:

1- everybody can participate.
2- the offer must be at least her regular price (€500). currency is EURO.
3- comments are HIDDEN until tomorrow monday, september 1st at noon (new york).
4- if two persons offer the same price, the first comment has priority.
5- you can change your offer for a higher one only.
6- tomorrow at noon, i'll publish all comments and the higher offer will win. the price of the doll will be the amount of the best offer + shipping fees. I'll send the winner a paypal invoice, or i'll list the doll as reserved in my shop. the winner will have twelve hours to pay.

7- you can't try for somebody else.

don't hesitate to ask questions, but i live in europe and my time zone is GMT+1.

good luck and thank you if you love her enough to enter your name!

6 commentaires:

  1. Would like to offer $1650 Euros for beautiful Bo. Thanks!

  2. My family and I would love to enter an offer of 1710 euros. Thank you so much. M

  3. I would like to offer 2085 for sweet Bo <3

  4. sorry for the confusion with my last bid. It was meant to be in euros. so now that im writing again i may as well increase to 1025 euros. thank you :)