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something rare happened to me this morning: it was just after my first cup of tea, and i decided to enjoy the sunshine and pick up some flowers.

click click click, made the scissors in the bush, pwick pwick pwick, answered the bush of roses…

oh? a talking bush? geez where are my eye glasses?
i put the flowers in my basket and came back to the kitchen.

except, i saw the teapot and my book, and completely forgot the flowers…

happily, later in the morning the children were yelling so loud that i finally shut my book (whatever, i just had finished it!) 

— we say she's my doll, said freyja, we have the same dress…

— no, she wears my clogs, she'll be mine, shouted thor…

— are you joking guys? this doll is alive and we must call mom, yoko said firmly!

— look at her, she plays peek-a-boo like my baby sister, we can't keep her here, oh no no no!!!

Baby Primerose measures 8".
her skin is made of organic jersey and she's filled with carded wool
and granulex®.
her wig is made of bright pink blue faced locks.
Primerose has a sweet tiny sculpted chin.

she wears a tunic (Liberty mitsi), dot pink bloomers, green shoes and a diaper.

if you want to adopt Primerose, make an offer here in comments.

the rules are easy:

1- everybody can participate.
2- the offer must be at least her regular price (€370). currency is EURO (i can't convert from all the existing currencies, and i live in europe).
3- comments are HIDDEN until wednesday 29th at 6:00PM (Paris).
4- if two persons offer the same price, the first comment has priority.
5- you can change your offer for a higher one only.
6- wednesday at noon, i'll publish all comments and the higher offer will win. the price of the doll will be the amount of the best offer + shipping fees. I'll send the winner a paypal invoice, or i'll list the doll as reserved in my shop. the winner will have twelve hours to pay.

7- you can't try for somebody else.
8- please don't try if you are not interested.

don't hesitate to ask questions, but i live in europe, and my time zone is GMT+1.

good luck and thank you if you love her enough to enter your name!

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  1. Oh, that was probably silly me that made an offer in $...doh! Sometimes mommy brain takes over and I can't think straight. 馃槈 Please change my offer to €400. Thank you and my apologies!