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everybody knows Adam & Eva. 
but how many people have ever seen them?

today, you'll be one of those able to say "yes! i saw pictures of them!" of course, this is very exciting.
but this is first very instructive!

let's read those incredible images! (i concede, some are not very well preserved, but don't forget you've got here a miracle!)

first, what's about the famous garden of eden? alas, those images won't tell us a lot because those two looked more like inside persons…

we imagine they lived in a cave. they had to protect from the rain, the sun, sometimes snow and maybe wild animals…

look at this tiny comfy room!
we can see here Eva has a mace, and Adam a big bone… what was the mace for? defend themselves against intruders? hunt for food? for sport?
and this bone? was it a charm? a toy? a weapon?
and this cute snake? he looks to be a very good friend…
and the apple? is it true Eva used to say an apple a day keep the doctor a way?

so many questions with no answers.

this very interesting pic teaches us two things:

first, the first human beings needed to sleep; 

second, they had fur blankets. 
we can legitimately deduce that polar bears existed BEFORE human beings. 
and it makes us think they were probably born in the Svalbard archipelago…

because yes: they invented shelves, 750000 years BEFORE Ikea! (we have here an answer about the apple, and must note shelves came before stools.)
a team is trying to know what were those shelves for, but here we had this interesting evidence:
Adam and Eva have been playful kids!

i know, i've been speechless too…

but on this one, nobody could deny it: adam is playing peek-a-boo!

we arrive to the fatidical question:

did Adam and Eva had a belly button?
hard to say, with their pants made of curly wolf yarn!

if you want to answer this last but not least question, stay tuned: adam and eva will be available next week in my shop…

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