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helgi, helga & filippa by the river

yes we live here. well, most of the time, because we also have to stay in the big city sometimes…
can you see the path on the right? you walk about fifty steps, and you'll find our garden.

this one is Filippa. no no, she's not a kid of mine, she's the twins' best friend! look at her happy face!
obviously, this place is heaven for children…

you can't find a better kid than Filippa (except mine, of course!), and she's the queen of fly fishing.

every morning, helga comes here to say hi to her old friend the carp. they use to play hide and seek. oh this poor fish looks so sad when we are downtown, told me a fisher friend. that's pity! 

hi sweetie, how was Carpet the carp today?

oh please forgot this image, this is their secret spot: the best for fly fishing. trouts and salmons, steelheads sometimes.

i'm so sorry, but Helgi is very busy today and we won't see his cute face… too bad… or maybe in my shop?

if one of you is interested in one of them, have a look in my store…

2 commentaires:

  1. They are adorable!
    Riverbank is such a nice place to take dolly photos!

  2. J'adore leurs vêtements de pêcheur.