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gabriel in the meadow

Once upon a time there was a darling little boy living on the other side of the meadows.

— oh yes i can walk to school by myself, the dear little boy said, i'll be very wise and careful… 

after all, school is so close from here. you cross the meadow and it's there, on the left.

and gabriel leaves. he's very careful as promised, because there are so many weird things outside, you have no ideas.

— come with me Gabriel, the wind says, i blow to the west and we'll fly to the sea.
you'll see marvels, puffins and mermaids, adventures begins there.

— don't listen to the wind, the old tree moans, stay where you are and look around. why would you leave?
listen to the finch, smell the clematis
and lay on the grass…

— but i'm supposed to go to school, gabriel says, and that's a funny thing, i never saw this bridge and the school vanished… 

— what a stupid boy! don't tell me you are about to miss all those lives in this parent tree just because you are supposed to go to school and repeat with some others that two by two equals four? 

and by the way, my name is written here, my mother embroidered it on my sleeve, just in case…
it's the use among elves!

if you want to see marvels, don't let the wind joggle you, don't listen to that old nerdy tree, but come visit my people in the most wonderful land ever…

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