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first day of school

sad face on the right, anxious face on the left… just a regular first day of school. 

shhh, the director is talking.
"Class 1 with miss Fiadelliss. when you hear you name, you come under the blackboard, children! silence now!"

but don't think everybody is impressed! two of them at least seem up for no good…

— hey Celeste, guess what? Soraya says. miss Fiadelliss is so old that she was my mommy's teacher and she was already old! she yells, she becomes red and green, she roars my mommy says, but she's not scary at all!   

— do you know what my brother gave me for my birthday? a wonderful fake dog poop! i swear, it looks exactly like a real one!

— wow wow wow! we could put it on her chair, imagine her face

— oh yes it will be so funny!

— i have a best idea, first the fake one and the next day, we'll put a real poop on the chair, and she'll think it's the fake and will take it with her hands…

and they almost roll on the floor!

hmmmm, everybody is watching now those two young rascals giggling like crazy under the blackboard.

— may i know what's so funny, the director asks? i'm glad to see you feel very comfortable, but i said silence. your names, young ladies?

ahem, the director looks really mad.

— hmmm, yoko, Celeste says.

— and i'm yoko too, soraya declares with a less big smile…

well, i won't show you the next images because it could offend the sensibility of young or hippie persons…

you just have to know Celeste and Soraya are so happy of their first day of school that they can't wait to go back school tomorrow!

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