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you know how it works… a week or so after september equinox, your little one coughs. once, two times, three times. 
oh nope, she gets a cold, you think looking at your poor doll's fevered eyes.

obviously, the emergency is to make her drink warm lemon juice and honey ("more honey please, mom, i don't like lemon")

of course she needs a shawl, something light and cozy to keep warm her precious little neck! you know you have the perfect skein but where? you madly search in your yarn basket and finally yes, you find it!

now the pattern. K2tog, here, a YO or two there. and a SSK. i love SSKs, don't ask why…  ("hello SSKs my old friends, I've come to talk with you again…")

alright, your little sick one has a shawl. but what's about her brother? let's go for a scarf. "something boyish, he says, but not too much. and also with pink. but not too much". it means stripes and lace, i guess. 

pfew! your little loves are now both safe and cozy. but what's the heck in your throat? something stuck? a FROG?
oh my oh my, i need a shawl too! this is an emergency…and let's go for a YO here, some SSKs there and the inevitable K2tog…

the pattern of shawls and scarf is in my ravelry store.
shawl comes in two sizes: doll and parents!

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