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what kind of dolly mama are you? (blue eyes and freckles or… blue eyes and freckles?)

you know what it is… sometimes, it's so hard to make a choice. "which doll should i adopt?" "will she be happy with me?" etc.
you need some help? take the quiz!

1- you see a red door, you

 want it painted black
Ø add some purple and turquoise flowers
 take a pic and post it immediately on IG
π are a bit confuse, that red is so… unusual 
Ω ring the bell and run away

2- today's lunch
Ω nothing special, a regular meal at home

π just like every thursdays, at the church circle with Lizzie and Betty.
∆ it was the "104's" grand opening lunch 
Ø we had a picnic with other parents of unschooled kids by the river
 just a quick broccoli pie and buffalo cheese on my way from yoga to knitting class

3- your favorite pair of shoes
π old-fashion black laced up boots, you know those with bobin heels
 F.R.W.L vernis by Louboutin. it's never tacky.
Ø chrome-free vegan shoes, handmade next door in a local business. the benefits go to APNAFA (Association for the Protection of North American Flying Angels)
 do you mean my actual favorite or my favorite-favorite?
Ω shoes made for walking

4- which literary heroine could be you?
π Elizabeth Bennet
 Becky Bloomwood
Ω Ramona Quimby
 Hermione Granger
Ø Galadriel

5- which animal could you be?
 a baby fox
 a beaver
Ø a hawk
π a bear
Ω a wolf

6- all you need is 
Ω a cuppa joe
π love
Ø freedom
a suitcase and a trunk

7- yellow is the color of 
Ω happiness
Ø your true love's teeth (in the morning)
 the famous house painted by van gogh
 my eames's DAW armchair
π your true love's hair (when you rise)

8- what courses do you plan to cook for next saturday with you guests?

Ω pumpkin soup, doe stew with red wine sauce and potatoes 
∫ quinoa salad, avocaddo, goat cheese, tofu and cranberries
Ø quinoa salad, fennel, goat cheese and mushrooms
π quenelles of pike in a crab sauce and young vegetables from the farmer market, roast veal and carrots
vol-au-vent with crayfish and lettuce, pot-au-feu and saint-honoré…

Drum Roll!!!! it's time to make accounting!

you have a majority of 
Ω: Ernest type

you enjoy living in the country and nothing can beat simple pleasures. baking an apple pie with friends, knitting a pair of socks near the fireplace, running after hens just to make them cackle… 

you have a majority of ∆: Brune type

you're a city mama. well, by city i mean Paris or Manhattan, obviously. 
both preppie, classical and ironic, you grew up between an art gallery and a book store and you know exactly what to do in any circumstance. no surprise the whole world is jealous!

you have a majority of π: Leopoldine type

you're a romanesque mama. you feel you could live a quiet life in a british manor, surrounded by beauty and maids. you could easily spend your days playing the piano, painting or talking to your dressmaker. just don't forget a detail: women belonged to fathers, brothers and husbands, in this time…

you have a majority of Ø: Prairie type

you're a hippie mama. you know the world goes wrong but you know it's temporary, you're such an old soul. you believe in men, you believe in nature, you believe in peace, you believe in extraterrestrial power, you believe the times they are a-changin' and sometimes you need to imagine there's no country (it's easy if you try)

you have a majority of ∫: Marcelline type

the bobo mama. bobo? bourgeois-bohème! trendy and creative, you need a comfortable but adventurous life. you love vintage and you take inspiration in the 50's and 60's. you're very concerned by environmental issues and you're proud to help by recycling all those adorable acrylic sweaters you found in grandpa's garage and turning them into very original carpets.

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Prairie, Marcelline, Ernest and Leopoldine are sitting in my hyenacard store (and believe me, they don't really like to stay quiet on a seat!)

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