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excited? oh, maybe a little! obviously, two little girls off for a whole week end in the countryside with no dads and no moms, you can imagine! well, of course they won't be completely alone, but with grand-parents, it's not the same… you are not obliged to eat spinach for example as long you say thank you and please at least once a sentence. and you can have butter AND jam on the same toast! 

— did i tell you where grandfather and grandmother live? Geneviève asks. in a very old manor with spiders and rats and holes in the floors…
— pah! Veronique says, not afraid of spiders nor rats.

— and the wind blows through the windows and bats live in the bedrooms…
— no afraid of bats neither! they eat moths and mosquitos…

— and once we even saw a dragon. or a dino, i don't remember i was very young…

— and… promise you won't repeat? we have a ghost! you don't tell to anybody, right?
a long long time ago, like thousand years ago, a man has been eaten up by a wolf in the basement. or a tiger, we don't exactly know. it's was on a cold winter. and the man was probably a hobo. or a thief. or just a curious guy. whatever, the monster ate him and we just found a few chewed bones…
obviously, nobody buried the poor man, and now he's desperately in search of his old body. you don't repeat, right? that man is A GHOST now!!! and he lives in my grandparents house! well, when i say 'lives'…

— but, Veronique asks, how do you know the ghost is not a woman?

after a long road trip, they finally arrive.
no ghost but 
tea, brioches and macaroons. 

no wolf but some sheep in a meadow.
no bats but maybe veronique's glasses are a bit dirty…

— i keep my socks tonight, Genevieve says, i don't want the ghost could tickle my feet.
— i keep my shoes, Veronique says, just to avoid to hurt my feet if i have to kick his ass…

— good night girls. don't turn the light off too late. have sweet dreams. don't let the bugs bed bite…

— are you sleeping?
— 'f course i'm not! we could have a sleepless night, it'd be funny…
— great idea. this way we won't miss the ghost!

— wake up, Genevieve yells the morning after! you fell asleep. have you seen the ghost?
— no ghost last night, i swear! just a skeleton chattering teeth. it was im-pres-sive!
and yes, maybe i slept for one minute or less, Veronique says, but YOU slept all the night.

— 'morning grandfather, Genevieve says. did you know we have a teeth chattering skeleton now? We heard it all long night.

— a skeleton? hahahaha, grandfather laughs. why not a ghost? hahahaha! don't repeat it, it was grandmother's snoring…

Genevieve and Veronique will be available tomorrow morning at 10 (EST)in my Hyena Cart store.

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  1. Super histoire, elle m'a bien fait rire.

  2. lovely blog, I found you from ravelry, lovely patterns too. will you do another kal? thanks xx