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i don't know for you, human parents, but in pixies world,

i don't know for you, human parents, but in pixies world, i can swear triplets are something! 
every morning it's the same routine:
— childreeeeeen, are you ready?
— yes mom. sure mom. yes mom.

no surprise, ready means no shoes, no hats, no coats. and sometimes no sweater!
after five minutes, i feel very lucky when i see a hat on a head. obviously, sometimes it's the wrong hat on the wrong head. 

(please ilse-louise, put this hat on karl-eric's head. it's his gift from auntie agaric!)
alright, come on girls! 

five minutes later, i have three hats on three heads and i feel like a wonder mom! coats now! i don't know in human world, but sleeves get mysteriously obstructed during the night. (mommyyy, i'm stuck and my sleeve is blocked.) it's something you can't understand if you're over three. because those sleeves are back to a good behavior as soon i slip my hand in. this really happens against young persons!

oh yay! finally they have coats. and hats, and boots. i'm the queen of the world!

but what's the matter?
— mommy, mommy, liselotte yells, ilse-louise has something in her back and she don't want us to see it!
— nope, it's a secret. and a secret can't be a secret if i share it.
— show me!
— nope!
— karl-eric, catch her feet…
— i get her.

— so, what is it?
— oh nooo! what the hell? mommy, i waaaaant the saaame!
— the same what, my heart?
— i can't tell you mom, it's a secret! but i waaaant it!

Liselotte, the red hair little girl, will be available tonight in my Hyena shop. good luck and thanks for being here!

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