rock&dolls addict


while mom is at the hair-dresser…

mom feels exhausted today. don't ask why, she just needs an hour for herself. sure, she loves her little girls, she adores them, but… well, she just needs… oh yes, she needs to go to the hairdresser!
the girls are so excited and it's such a noisy happy dance here. mom lets them watch at the christmas shop windows in main street. yes they'll be calm and polite and won't run and will stay together and won't talk to people they don't know and will text mom every ten minutes and yes they'll be at the tea-room in an hour, be there or beware!

— hey, look at the doll in the window. she has the same dress as yours, isborg! hahaha, you are dressed like a doll!
— shut up, yoko! oh geez, look at her, she blinks!
— what? who? the doll? does she really blink? oh geez yes, it looks like morse code! Edmee Rose, do you remember morse code? can you tell us? i take notes

 .. —. . . —.. — ——— .——. . .

oh my god, she needs to pee! it means she's not a doll!
— why? dolls also need to pee. that's why beds are wet sometimes.
— it never happened to me, yoko says, because hubert is a bear and not a doll!

— stop it, girls! we must help this gal to escape from that shop window! she's in red, isborg and I, we are also in red. okay, here is the plan: the red team, we are in charge of the doll. two or three red is the same for adults.
yoko, you'll ask the seller something twisted and impossible. during this time, Edmee you'll mess the shop. i mean REALLY mess it, not just a bit like our room! then you run like chicken and hide outside. get it?
let's go? yoko first!

— good afternoon, sir. i would like to buy a Barbie Zombie with just one eye. i saw one on the internet and i'd love her with her green face and pink scare. oh no! do you have a vampire Ken? neither! so i'm interested by this duck. is she a girl? what's her name? is she cotton or natural duck fur? is she a zombie duck? 

edmee is overdoing herself: she's methodically messing the shop — keeping her well known innocent smile just in case — and mixing wooden blocks with cars, vintage dolls and alphabets. nice job, edmee rose!

— #@#!!$*ù`@@&@ WHAT THE HELL is she doing? have you seen the mess that girl is… where is she? where is she?

and during this time, three little girls are promptly leaving the shop…

and they run run run. Home! finally! just in time, because you remember the morse message…

— by the way, my name is inga and i'm not a doll. pirates kidnapped me and sold me to this nasty toy shop owner! i'm so glad you studied morse!

very fast, Inga found the perfect outfits in mom's studio. 
— and a red hat, because it's almost christmas, she said.

hurry up, little girls, you know what mom said, and time flies. 

when mom arrives, so glad and relaxed with her hair finally done, she sees five happy girls, eating, singing, laughing and taking photos of this amazing afternoon.

i'm so proud of my quiet girls, mom thinks. look at those angels. and their friends are just perfection! it's really a good day!

Inga must leave to North Pole on sunday (her parents live there, maybe you've heard of her dad, he uses to wear a red hood coat…). that's why she has a warm coat and hood made with real false polar bear fur. 

she'll be available in my store on saturday december 9th at noon EDT


  1. Super histoire!!! J'aime toujours autant tes poupées et leurs vêtements.

  2. I really hope her Father has kept his wits, with a missing child in this the busiest season of all for him! But it would be such a lovely family reunion ❤️