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— yes audr, i can read your future but you must bring me a pig. gods talk to me through their gut, there's no other way.

— sing a lullaby to make him sleep, I wouldn't like to hurt this baby!

— here we are. gosh, how many meters does he have? OHLALA!!! Audr, do you see what i see?
— mmmm, i just see bloody gut. tell me Gudrun, i can't wait to know!
— you'll marry a king!
— but an old king. and fat. and stinky. and he'll kill all your brothers.

— gudrun, please, tell me what you see. i need to know the details.
— he'll cut their head. with an axe. oh no, he'll also use his teeth for the third one. okay, your brothers are like plague, but it's rude… 
OOOOOh, your nasty husband, i see him, i see him… he tries to cut your head now!

Good for him, you kill him! good riddance!

— tell me more gudrun, it's so exciting…

— ah, you marry a very rich man. a jarl. or another king. he seems in love with you. Oh, his name is Harald. Harald sharp teeth.
NOOOO! he eats the ten children you had with the other king… it's a VAMPIRE!
— TEN KIDS? is there something to do to escape this future? i don't want TEN children.

let me think about! there is a possibility. it can be very dangerous, but it's the only thing. you drink this, you sleep for a while and you wake up in another period. how long would you like? 1183 years? wow! that's a long nap! you'll have to drink a whole cup. call me if you have some problems.

— you, idiot! you'll be dead in 1183 years… you'd rather come with me. we'll have fun.

capes and hats… some winters can be very cold. ready for a sleep?

years passed. centuries passed. and indeed a little red hair opens an eye:
— Gudrun? wake up gudrun, it's D-day!

it worked! Gudrun can't believe it worked! this is unbelievable! we are the same in a new world! exactly the same, except…
OH MY GODS, our dresses turn into those ridiculous outfits! happily nobody knows us!

Audr (or Audur after 1183 sleepy years) and Gudrun are in my shop

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  1. Je suis contente de voir un nouveau post et des nouvelles poupées, j'adore la rousse mais cela ne t'étonnera pas.
    Une véritable saga scandinave.