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the hot tramp and the dollmaker

— BOO!
Elle is so focused on her fishing rod that she didn't see that little girl watching over her shoulder. Nor heard. She frowns and puts a finger on her mouth, angry. SHHHH! Fishing requests silence and concentration, everybody knows it. Well, apparently not everybody, this young person needs education!

But Else continues her happy babbling, asking billions questions and waving like an uncontrollable puppet. 

"Keep calm, Elle silently says to herself, keep calm and breath". She puts her fishing rod aside and watch attentively the intruder. Blond girl, my age, eating a sandwich. Prattling. prattling AND eating at the same time… 

— If you don't mind, Elle says very politely, I absolutely need to catch an extra fish for dinner, thus you can stay but please, stop talking. and stop moving.

Oh, Elle is not at all the grumpy type, but she hates being disturbed. Most exactly, she doesn't use to be. Her dad is the most respectful person ever, and talking is not an attitude but a way for sharing some thoughts. Or at least what matters.

Else is just the opposite. She comments everything she sees, asks tons of questions without waiting for answers, touches all things that are there and doesn't seem to care if it bothers or not. 

— That's so funny, Else says, you really reminds me of somebody.
"Hmmm, how could I know the person I'm reminding of her, thinks Elle, why does she even SAY it? What can I do for her?" And she drops her line in the water again, praying for catching fastly a fish.

Happily, a sandwich has an end, and Else runs to her mother for the apple pie. 

Alas for Elle she's back in the blink of an eye.
Whispering. "Come with me, shhh, there is a man with my mom. A tramp or something. Stealing my pie. and talking…"

As discreetly as possible, our two blond girls start crawling to a perfect spying spot.

— You idiot, it's not a tramp it's my dad. And I'm sure he never stole your pie but your mother offered a slice! I just don't understand why he's talking to your mother, talking to strangers is dangerous.

They stay watching for a long while. Silently. Intrigued. Captivated. 

While the adults are still talking and talking, and even laughing. and finishing the first pie.

"EEEElse!!! EEEElle!!!" they are now shouting…

— I guess you're Else, my name is Elle. Do we go? I must pack my fishing stuff first, would you help me, please?

— Goodness gracious! the mother says, they look so much alike, this is absolutely stunning! My name is Margaret, she continues to Elle. And here is Thomas, she says to her daughter.

Elle feels so sorry to bring only one fish, and gives it to her dad. "I'm not hungry at all, you know."
— What a sweetheart, Margaret exclaims! Maybe you'd be hungry enough for a slice of pie? or for some brownie? or maybe just a piece of cheese?

— We have a long story to tell you, Margaret and Thomas says, taking the little girls on their knees…

It seems that something is becoming serious… The air is very clear, voices sound solemn… Elle is shaking a little.

"Once upon a time, pretty far from here, lived a duke and a duchess. They were young, handsome, wealthy and loved each other so deeply. After years wishing for a baby, the couple finally expected an heir.
Sadly, the duchess died while giving birth. Mad with pain, the duke put his offspring in the trash bin, dismissed his employees, lighted a fire and perished in his burning castle.

"I was both gardener and driver for the duke, Thomas continues. As I left the place with my stuff, I heard a baby crying in the trash bin. I thought first of a kitty, but this was you, Elle. I packed you in my jacket, named you Elizabeth like your late mother and took you on the road with me. You know the rest…"

"I know it was getting dark and this is probably why you missed her sister, Margaret adds, and nobody guessed there were two babies, nobody had any idea… . That's how, a few minutes later, as I was leaving the place, I heard someone crying in the trash bin. Oh my god, you were so tiny, my Else, naked among carrots peelings and yoghurt pots, scared and cold. I named you Elspeth, as a remind of your late mother, and took you with me, snuggled up close to my chest. Well, I told people I was a widow and you an orphan, and finally we left for the west side of the country, where I create now sweet dolls… 

— I knew you were reminding me of someone, Else shouts. Twins, we are twins!!!

— Thus, Elle says, does it mean this pie is safe and I could eat some, please dad?

Everybody laugh and the adults laugh the loudest. 

Margaret becomes suddenly a bit shy: "We rent a cottage for summer, maybe you would like to join us for a while… Whatever, the girls need to know more about each other, obviously…

Thomas looks at his daughter, blushing "I know we both are wanderers, Elle, I know you love our freedom, early mornings walks and late campfires, but what would you say of some quiet time? We all are kind of family now…"

Elle doesn't show a lot, but she feels really excited. It's not everyday you find out you have a twin. And her dad's blushing? now this is really impressive and she absolutely needs to understand what's happening. Even if is not a big fan of closed rooms, doors or roofs, she has the intuition it's worth the sacrifice…

Elle the pretty wanderer stands 17". She's made with organic fabric and filled with Götland wool, according to my 2012 body pattern. Her face is embroidered, her hair is Alpaca locks hand wefted and sewn on a mohair crocheted cap. Her dad does his best and she wears beautifully mended garments. Well, her sweater gets an hole or two, but this is wanderer's life…
Elle is curious, thoughtful, both intrepide and quiet, a bit reserved by caring…

Elle costs 920€ + shipping fees.

Else is a doll creator's daughter. It means she mostly wears handmade linen dresses and bonnets, most often embroidered with love by her mom. She also stands 17", but unlike her twin, her organic body (stuff with Götland wool) is made with my actual pattern, very slightly different. Her hair is weft mohair locks crocheted into a cap. Else is lively, chatty and tender. She's a very curious mind, happy in most circumstances and very friendly.

Else costs 
920€ + shipping fees.

You can get them both for 1790€ + shipping fees.

Send me a message (email, messenger, instagram, pigeon, telepathy…) or let a comment if you want to bring them home…
If several persons are interested, I'll pick a name on Tuesday June 30 around 6:00 am EST

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  1. Tu sais raconter des histoires et je suis contente de voir ce deuxième post avec des nouvelles poupées. Tes photos sont superbes. J'espère que tu vas bien.