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a very happy birthday (except for the others)

Today is the day and it's finally Rainette's birthday! She insisted to get all her friends here for the celebration (such a social life for a toddler, this is just amazing!) and I guess you know what this means… Garlands, balloons, cakes, 1001 ways to keep them occupied. Short, HELL, at least for me…
You know little ones, they seem bashful for about five minutes at their best, then they let themselves having a (noisy) blast. Oh quiet and shy little ones do exist. Toinette for example. She is a social girl, but she really needs time to enter the collective sillyness. And when she does, she never forgets who she is. I'm so grateful for this, Toinette!
Short, it was really a happy afternoon. Everybody was having fun.
And suddenly, it was cakes o'clock. — Childreeeen, mommy calls, wash your hands, cakes are coming. But where is Miette? Have you seen Miette? A little one is missing…
Scarlette, have you seen Miette? Scarlette is too busy, she has not seen Miette, alas.
Toinette is quietly caring of the babies, Miette is missing? she had no idea. A monster ate her maybe?
— Bluette sweetie, you can't leave alone to bring back Miette. No no, even if you can fight the monster, oh I believe you, but you have to stay here. we don't need another missing girl!
— Aliette, have you seen… NOOOO! Oh no! don't walk in you pee! Help someone, we have a situation…
— I found her!, she's here! Beckett shouts, I found Miette, no monster at home.
— Darn it! she ate the cakes! A birthday with no cake, this is absurd, Becket says… Scarlette, Bluette and Toinette are available comment style here, or via any PM. tell me the name of your fav, and your PP address. If several persons want to adopt them, I'll pick a name on TUESDAY september 8th.
Scarlette, 11", sculpted, laib yal fabric, goat hair, wearing Liberty fabrics dress and handknit shoes: 530€
Toinette, 11", sculpted, DWE fabric, goat hair, wearing Liberty fabrics dress and handknit shoes: 530€
Bluette, 11", sculpted, Laib Yala fabric, goat hair, wearing Liberty fabrics dress plus handknit bonnet, scarf and shoes: 550€ Thanks for visiting this place.


  1. So my little foodie ate all the cakes? I could have told you that was a danger! Especially if they were nice cakes! Hehehe

  2. Great birthday party!!! Even if it is a lot of work and can be hectic for adults.