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Alphabet dolls

Back to my old time, here are four simple dolls. Well, actually not so simple, you know me.

They look like Waldorf dolls, but they are far more sophisticatedhead & limbs are needle felted, bodies are rolled. They have a nose so they can smell, they have ears so you can bite them and they have a not so neutral expressive mouth. Short, they are not Waldorf dolls, they are Winterludes dolls.

According to some of my easy rules, the first one starts with an A, and the last one will have a Z. For today, let's go with A to D.

My Alphabet dolls stand 12" tall. They are made with DWE fabric and organic carded wool from Götland sheep. Hair is goat for Aubeline and Brunelle, suri Alpaca for Clodoald, Mohair yarn for Daphna.

All wear embroidered linen garments, except Aubeline who started lately a huge allergy to embroideries. They also have socks and shawl handknit by me with alpaca yarn.
What else? They need loving parents.





All of them cost 480€ + shipping fees, except A. who is 450€ due to allergies… If you want to adopt one or more of these cuties, send me a message* including the name of the doll (or dolls, you can try for all of them) you want to bring home, and your Paypal address.

I'll pick a name on Tuesday October 19th around noon or 1:00pm (Paris zone).

Payment is due on Tuesday for the persons who will receive an invoice.
Thank you!
*here, via Messenger or via Instagram or any other way you know.

these dolls are not suitable for young or naughty persons.

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