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Concerto delle Donne

Do you remember the first
 Concerto delle Donne, Alfonso duke of Ferrara, 16th century? or maybe you are too young?

Short, the original 
Concerto delle Donne was the first Girls Band.
Obviously, 'cause the times they are a-changin', they are six now (everything increases, right?) and a little younger (kids are definitely not kids anymore).

But the spirit is the same, and they sing. They love singing. Oh, rationally they should have modernized their repertoire — truth is they all dream to drop Luzzaschi and ask Harry Styles to write them songs, but Miz Professor is firm on it!

Tonight it's the Premiere, with a retransmission on WLDsDollRadio, critics, journalists, impresarios, etc.

The girls are very calm. They had a long relaxing time after rehearsal and they feel absolutely ready. Nothing wrong can happen. 

It's such a beautiful concert. Six crystalline voices together, one could hear an angelic choir. Parents, journalists, critics, all are transported.
Obviously, consider this as a tribute, Ira and Ari want to feel closer from all this beauty. And they crawl to the stage.

Oh, it's fine, they just sit and listen. What a pair of sweethearts!

Then, everything happens so fast. Cosima is in the middle of her second solo, and Ari, mesmerized, grabs her leg to stand up. Ira grabs the other leg, but unfortunately, both fall down at the same time, and Cosima's pants too.

Hannah is the first to see. She can't help but gasps loudly.
Oh noooo!, Sweet Ethel said, panicked, while Althea, despite all of her kindness, bursts out laughing. Immediately followed by Victoria and Cordelia, so grateful to their twin brothers for the fun.
And Cosima? Cosima she hasn't noticed anything, and she keeps singing from the top of her lungs. Nothing couldn't stop her.

It was truly a great concert. See the long file of fans waiting now for an autograph? The most hooked even wear red shirts. Or just gingham shirts like this young shy supporter…

By the way, speaking of gingham, you can now contact our roadie Ida and buy the Official Shirt, the one and only Concerto delle Donne shirt.

Ooops, Ida looks furious, what's the matter, Ida? Oh no, do they really ask for the pants of the concert? People are so rude…

Ari, Ethel and Cosima will pop in my store on Tuesday March 7 at 10AM EDT.

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