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on a scary day…

do you know what is fear? i don't talk about scary movies or other silly things, i talk about real fear, which let you mesmerized and you even can't shout "mommyyyyyy"

usually, grandpa's garden is a safe place, no snakes, no wolves (or very young and no so often) no mosquitos.
but alas, the times they are a-changing and we have a scary situation: someone came last night and stole our red currants. 

here the proof: yesterday i let a full bucket and today it's empty.

— oh oh, grandpa said, it's probably a blackbird. or the famous monster baby-eater who lives behind the clothes line.

of course, none of us would like to meet the monster who lives behind the clothes line, but a baby-eater usually don't like red currants.

i'm sure some maleficent creature sneaks around.

i was sure a hard rain gonna fall or something like that; actually it hasn't been rain but little grey! he probably fall down, or jumped, but he vanished in the grass, suddenly.

poor little grey… i wonder what recipe the monster chose for him… maybe bbq like a marshmallow…

everybody is calling and shouting "little grey, where are you, little grey", even baby snjø screams "googoogey" when finally…

 … we see her! she doesn't look so scary, but who knows…

— hellø, she said, my nåme is Mette and i'm a danish girl. would you like to måke friend with me?

if you are like little grey and love Mette, let a comment with your name and your paypal address. i'll pick a name at midnight (new york zone) today july 1st.
comments are hidden to protect your privacy, but i can see them, except from phones…
Mette is 17" tall. she is handmade with jersey cotton and filled with carded wool. her hair is weft goat. she wears cotton outfit and knitted green & pink shoes. 
she is 500€ + shipping fees.

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