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i'm not a whining girl and finally decided to dry my eyes and change my dress. dungarees are more convenient than any embroidered dress for fight! first thing has been to punch baudouin's nose! and believe me it's was very good! he was so surprised he couldn't say anything, ha!

then i bit philiberte's arm. she deserved it! oh no, not her hands, they looked dirty.
she's so much a liar that she yelled "mister daddy of aldegonde, noyale bit my LEG". i swear, she said "leg" and showed dad her leg! she's really not trustworthy!

whatever happens, dad is in the twins team! and you know what he said?
"hey you puppy go in your room right now!" PUP-PY! you can imagine the three nasty ugly ones rolling on the floor… 

happily, mummy is a fairy and heard my thoughts. you know how it works: you think very hard to something and it finally happens.
"what would you say of vacations by your grandparents, she said. at least the rascals won't pest you there! and daddy needs your help". each time she calls grandfather 'daddy' it makes me giggle.

best day of my life i swear! even piper was dancing on the bed. i packed all my things, because i probably won't be back never never ever. 

(to be continued)

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