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they call me poopy

nothing comes with no reasons and all happened because my mommy likes french bread and croissants! and she likes it because her great grand-mother is french. it's in the genes (see, i love croissants too!)

this morning, we went to the bakery, and because i'm cute the baker looked at me and she said "oh quelle adorable poupée!"

alas, one billion times alas, the twins are on vacations and they come everywhere with me and mommy!
aldegonde started immediately: "what an adorable poopy", she said looking at me straight in the eyes! 

and of course baudoin was style "did you say poopy? what a lovely name for such a lovely pooh!"

and so on…
a misfortune never comes one at a time. do you know philiberte? she is a pest. very nasty with little girls like me! she's my sister's best friend and obviously, mommy invited her for vacations.

did i tell you about the twins? they jump on the beds, they say curse words, they ride my horse and steal my Piper. honestly, i'm sure they gonna be a pair of criminal persons! 

and you know what? they told philiberte she could call me poopy! all along the day, they squatted my room, jumped on my bed and were "oh poopy, what's your problem?"

pest! they made me cry and cry… even Piper cried with me and our kleenex was completely wet… life can be very unfair…

(to be continued)

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