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and yes, we finally arrived by my grandparents. "Mom and dad", mommy says. you don't know them but i love them so hard and they always say i'm the best little girl ever. 

the only thing i dislike here is a photo of me and the twins… but well, i'm too polite to say anything…

— albert, granny said, you should show noyale her gift while i prepare some soup…

a gift for me a gift for me 
a gift for me a gift for me

grandfather and grandmother always make the best gifts. i just have to think very hard to a gift and they guess it.

but today i almost faint: A TRICYCLE! just for me and piper! 
the garden is so huge that i really needed a vehicle!

i hugged my grandfather as much as could and began to ride all around the place. it's like a jungle with flowers, trees, eatable things and wild animals…
but i can escape with my bike now!

nini was on the clog not to wet her butt… she's a very wise rabbit! come on nini, we'll make a trip around the garden.

My grandparents use to smile when they look at me. and grandpa had a large crooked smile when he told grandma "Louise, i think our noyale picked up the only pumpkin of the garden to feed her plush rabbit…"

(to be continued)

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  1. Toujours d'aussi belles photos et de merveilleuses scènes pour illustrer ton histoire.

  2. Nunca usaremos los juguetes que tenemos en casa.